Introducing a new way to learn the Secured Party Creditor Process. We have taken all the steps to becoming a Secured Party and incorporated into a step by step self-paced course. This is course incorporates all the processes that you have heard about and dispels the theories from that what can be verified in law. From Birth Certificate Authentication, Affidavits, to Private Banking, this course is all that you will ever need. Once you register you will have access to information that is constantly updated. This course is create to actually TEACH the principles involved instead of just filling out boilerplate documents that other individuals borrow and modify to give the impression that they have discovered something new.

What I found that the more you know the more you can discern about what is accurate and what is myth. There are many processes floating around the internet and this course is designed to help you navigate through the mire of confusion to help you gain a real understanding of what this process is all about. Many people have been giving the impression that becoming a secured party will magically make all of their problems go away. Becoming a secured party is about freedom and responsibility. It is a lifestyle that you will need to be in constant control of to protect the integrity of your newly acquired status.

The universe abhors a vacuum. Nothing is free in this world or the universe for that matter. Abundance is your inheritance but you will have to earn it.


About this course

NOTE: This webinar will be conducted on the website. All you will need to do is simply log in on the website to attend the webinar. The Page will be available the day of the webinar.

In this Webinar the Secured Party Process is put all together in one Webinar. This is a new Secured Party Process developed by myself that I am introducing to my listeners. The Secured Party process is a necessary step in becoming a private banker. In this webinar you will learn how to file all your notices as well as the process for discharging debt.  There are many Secured Party processes floating around the internet. Many, however, do not teach fundamental principles of law which as a result leads to charges of fraud and one being labeled as a “sovereign citizen.” The Secured Party process is about private banking. It does not involve claiming a nationality or a certain political status. The process heavily involves contract law and an understanding of negotiable instruments.

The UNITED STATES is in bankruptcy. All property within the UNITED STATES has been placed into Trust. This is what you do in any bankruptcy proceeding. The American Citizens labor is now the asset that has been placed into trust in the form of a Birth Certificate that evidences a real living human being capable of performing labor. This asset can be used to leverage against investments on the international market as the collateral that supports government backed bonds are tax payers. There is nothing illegal,unlawful or secretive about this process as this is the duty of all fiduciary trustees with obligations to the trust…to enrich it.

As a beneficiary of the trust you have an entitlement right of a distribution from that trust. Your entitlement right is evidenced by a certificate of live birth. This RIGHT of a distribution has value and can be monetized by placing it into another trust (UCC Contract) and placed in safekeeping with a trustee (Secretary of the Treasury).  This is how you use your beneficial interest by placing it in competent hands who understand who to perform these processes behind the scene. All of this is private and not for the Public to see.

***This Webinar will last approximately 4 days.***

Day One: Preparing UCC 1 filings and notices. Identifying proper language for a UCC1. Putting together the Security Agreement. Understanding how to maintain privacy throughout the entire process.
Day Two: Understanding your indenture agreement for your trust. Comparing and contrasting different filings from different processes. Understanding bonds and what constitutes a deposit with the United States Treasury. How credits are derived from the bond. How to prevent yourself from being accused of issuing instruments in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 514 – Fictitious obligations.
Day Three: Creating Negotiable Instruments for the purpose of discharging debt. Learning how to do a UCC 3 assignment.
Day Four: Putting it all together. Conducting an Administrative process for discharge of debt. Question and Answer.

This webinar will be conducted in a class like atmosphere with question and answer and will be conducted on Two weekends. Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM and Sunday from 1pm to 4pm.

Cost of class $450.00

What you’ll learn

  • How to discern between Public and Private activity
  • How to properly fill out UCC1 forms
  • How to create your own docuemnts
  • How to read case law
  • How to create Bonds and negotiable instruments
  • How to conduct an administrative process

Meet the instructor



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