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Frequently asked questions

        SPC University is an online training school to help individuals understand the Secured Party/Creditor private process. Becoming a Secured Party is an asset protection strategy to protect your property in the commercial world from government encroachment. Unbeknownst to many, the governments all over the world are bankrupt and have turned to use their citizens as collateral to secure loans from central banks. However, these loans are not enough to fund all the activities of the government. So they have implemented a process whereby a lien is placed on the property in order to create value for the selling of bonds. Completing a Secured Party process gives you a superior priority interest in your private property preventing public predators from obtaining an interest in said property. Your freedom is your “property” along with your labor and children. believe it or not, all of these are targets of a deceptive government who has turned to desperate measures to fund their illicit goal for a New World Order.

       Additionally, SPC University teaches students the importance of privacy. How to remove your information from the government’s jurisdiction and enjoy the freedom and independence that the Creator intended for all human beings.

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