About Us

WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. We are researchers who have studied the positive laws for over 15 years. We have courtroom experience on civil and criminal matters. 


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Who are we?

It all started with questions about the gold fringe on the flag flying so prominently with in our courtrooms. We noticed that our judicial system did not seem to operate in real life as it is depicted in many of the television shows. Questions around why attorneys in all 50 states seems to defend their clients in the exact same manner without any regard to guilt or innocence. Foreclosures which are conducted with no apparent regard to evidence submitted by defendants seeking to desperately to keep their home!

We are researchers who have diligently searched the law books as well as taken advantage of many researchers before us and have be able to search through the seemly complex maze of legal jargon to find the truth! What truth you ask? That your judicial system is not a judicial system at all! But a quasi judicial, territorial court operating under Article I Section 8 Clause 9 of the constitution under a an operational presumption of contract. We are researchers who have put the pieces together and seek to educate the masses before it is too late!

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