Who and What is the IRS?

Historical Note History & New Evidence that it is a foreign agency. By Dan MeadorApril 1, “Evan” (Internet name) forwarded the following article by Bill

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How Communist Jews Weaponized Blacks

May 30, 2020(left, Jewish money organizing another ‘grass roots’ movement.)  Dontell Jackson, a black man, says organized Jewry has deflected blame for the slave trade to whites, in order to

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Using Entities

A great deal of freedom and privacy can be achieved by properly using entities. Rather than conducting your affairs in the name of the strawman, you

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Maxims of Law

Richard Anthony Hyperlinked Table of Maxims Accidents and InjuryBenefits and PrivilegesCommerceCommon SenseConsent and ContractsCourt and PleasCourt AppearanceCrime and PunishmentCustoms and UsagesExpressions and WordsFictionsFraud and DeceitGod

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Why Schools Teach Socialism

by Joe Larson If you’ve been in the “constitutionalist” movements for more than a year or two, you’ve almost certainly read articles which illuminate America’s

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