Personal Training/Consultations

I am now conducting personal training differently. You may now purchase personal training for one day at only $500.00 for 4 hours of training. You may purchase as many days as you like and you do not have to get them all together. This way an individual can take time to reflect on the information they have received, digest it, and come back with a deeper understanding for the next session.

One Hour Consultations are $200.00 per hour. You can schedule those here is well.

I DO NOT DISCUSS TAX MATTERS SUCH AS 1099 OID OR ANYTHING RELATED TO FILING TAXES. Please seek the assistance of a CPA. If you do not have one I can suggest one.

Consultations are only for matters related to Secured Party filings, foreclosure, discharge of debt, and criminal matters which are commercial in nature (No Injured Party).

Consultations are conducted on a first come first serve basis. They are not available on the weekend. You may also conduct your consultations through Zoom or GoToMeeting if you are unable to travel.

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