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Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Does the Gold Membership contain the trust class?

No, the only level that gives you access to the

No. The Secured Party process was never intended for purchases. HJR 192 of june 5,1933 does not say anything about purchases. It is a process for setting off

Can I get a consultation as soon as I join?

Consultations are given 30 days after you become a member. Most of the times the answers you seek are on the website and a lot of times the instructor is going to refer you to those references. Consultations are not for answering tax questions or questions about how to "get out" of something. Consultations are about the material and how it may be lawfully applied to your life. 

Do you have proof this works?

Private processes will never be acknowledged in the public. If you are looking for proof then you only need go into a jurisdiction are you operating under." Once you find out that they will not tell you then that should be all the proof you need. These courses are designed to alleviate skepticism by educating you about the law. What a corrupt public official will or will not do is beyond anyone’s control. However, once you learn what your rights are your next step is to learn how to enforce them.

How long is the platinum membership good for?

The platinum membership is good for one year and you get unlimited access to everything on this website. Including all future material and webinars.

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