Most frequent questions and answers

Recently, SPC University changed over to a more robust payment system. When the changed occurred many accounts that did not match up with their payment information did not activate.

Allow me to explain:

If you previously signed up with PayPal but then registered on the site with completely different information then your account was not activated. Many people use one set of credentials to pay their memberships with and an entirely different set for the member site. This includes different name, email and other contact information. As such, it was impossible for us to connect their memberships with their payment information.

To remedy this, an email was sent out to all emails used to make payments with (not the email you used on your registration for the site. This was to let you to to contact us if you were unable to log in.

If you are having problems please provide the following:

1.User ID:
3.Paypal or other payment information (It could be your confirmation email you received when you subscribed).

By supplying the foregoing when can easily get your account situated for you.

We no longer have a free membership level.

You can upgrade your subscription from the accounts tab under subscriptions.

You can PAUSE your subscription from the accounts tab under subscriptions.

You can reach Yusef El on the site from the chat window or you can email him at admin@privatesidesolutions.com. You can also use the contact page.

Consultations are on a first come basis and can be scheduled through the consultation calendar right under the chat box on every page.

A consultation is scheduled and approved ONLY after a member has completed one of the following courses:
1. Secured Party Creditor
2. The creditor and Their Bonds
3. Business Trust Administration
4. The Master Key 

Many times by your questions can be answered by taking one of the courses.

Let me tell you what consultations are not for:

1. Consultations are not provided so you can have an opportunity for a “meet and greet” with the course instructor. This site is for educational purposes only and not to be used as a medium for legal advice etc.

2. Tax questionsTax questions will not be answered at all. We suggest that you go get a CPA. I am not a tax professional nor is that my concentration of study. Many videos are supplied on the site from others who can also assist you in those matters.

3. Emergency court casesThere is little to nothing I can assist you with last minute matters. Many of these processes take time to cure. Assisting individuals with last-minute matters only adds to the plethora of case law out there that disparages much of this information. You should only attempt processes found on this site after you have thoroughly researched them and understood them. Even then you will need the necessary experience to convince yourself of any particular processes value. Contacting the instructor and seeking to be coached through a legal matter in the last minute is a recipe for disaster.

The purpose of consultations is to offer one on one assistance to students having trouble understanding the course materials. This is SPC university and the purpose of this website is to TEACH Citizens processes that will help them in reaching resolutions to public disputes using private processes.

SPC university respects your privacy. We have added features to the site that allows you to either share your personal information and progress in the course or restrict it. Please read our “Terms of Service” for details regarding our privacy policy.


Most frequent questions and answers

SPC University is an online training school to help individuals understand the Secured Party/Creditor private process.

Becoming a Secured Party is an asset protection strategy to protect your property in the commercial world from government encroachment. Unbeknownst to many, the governments all over the world are bankrupt and have turned to use their citizens as collateral to secure loans from central banks. However, these loans are not enough to fund all the activities of the government.

So, they have implemented a process whereby a lien is placed on property in order to create value for the selling of bonds. Completing a Secured Party process gives you a superior priority interest in your private property preventing public predators from obtaining an interest in said property. Your freedom is your “property” along with your labor and children. believe it or not, all of these are targets of a deceptive government who has turned to desperate measures to fund their illicit goal for a New World Order.

Additionally, SPC University teaches students the importance of privacy. How to remove your information from the government’s jurisdiction and enjoy the freedom and independence that the Creator intended for all human beings.

SPC University is a Social Media Educational platform. If you are familiar with FaceBook then you should not have any problem navigating this site. Your course progress can be monitored through your profile page and the Course Units page. The control panel to the right that is displayed when you log in provides access to all the site features.

Your Course Unit page displays your progress through your enrolled course.

Each Course is broken up into modules and units.

Units are comprised of course material with unit questions to test the student’s comprehension of the material.

Each unit contains quizzes and surveys that contain a recommended passing score. These scores are not passed or fail but are intended to reveal to the student his r her level of comprehension of the material. |

Courses also have a live webinar with question and answer sessions for the students.

Certificates are provided for the completion of each course.

If a course is not available it only means it is being updated by admin.it will be back up shortly.

You will need Photoshop preferably version CS6 and newer.

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