BARRATRY. In maritime law. An act committed by the master or mariners of a vessel, for some unlawful or fraudulent purpose, contrary to their duty to the owners, whereby the latter sustain injury. It may include negligence, if so gross as to evidence Fraud. In criminal law. Common barratry is the practice of exciting groundless judicial proceedings. Black’s 1st. See Note.

Note: Both definitions apply equally in the courtroom: In the first, the “master” is the judge (in some jurisdictions judges are called “masters”), the “mariners” are the attorneys, the “vessel” is your TRADE NAME, the only rightful “owner” of the “vessel” is you, and the “injury” to you, the owner, is the loss of wealth or freedom. In the second, the judges and attorneys proceed against you without the requisite claim to do so, acting on behalf of fictitious entities, i.e. corporations/ governments. Per Erie Railroad v Tompkins (1938) 304 U.S. 64-92, the bankruptcy of 1933 had placed everything under the 14th Amendment. Erie’s ruling that there was “no more general federal common law” was open admission of anarchy/tyranny. Law and contracts fell under a private, colorable law merchant in colorable admiralty- maritime, the “special federal common law” (see special) of the Uniform Commercial Code. Issues are decided in general (see general) equity (conscience of the court), not special equity (explicit terms of express contracts). Adopting private commercial paper as money resulted in an “at law” mixture of public, maritime, bankruptcy,
equity, etc. in the same court. The judge moves between one and the other as the situation indicates, including shifting from equity into admiralty in order to impose criminal penalties in civil matters. This is why you must “post a bond”—something normally reserved for civil proceedings—on a misdemeanor traffic citation, a criminal proceeding (even though the matter is actually civil in nature). Arguing the Constitution is frivolous since one has long since consented with what is happening,

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