An arrangement or engagement made as a favor to another, not upon a consideration received. Something done to oblige, usually spoken of a loan of money or commercial paper; also a friendly agreement or composition of differences. The word implies no consideration. While a party’s intent may be to aid a maker of note by lending his credit, if he seeks to accomplish thereby legitimate objectives of his own, and not simply to aid maker, the act is not for accommodation. Black’s 6th. n. 1. A loan or other financial favor. 2. The act of signing an accommodation paper as surety for another. Black’s 7th. See Note.

Note: All of your licenses, permits, utilities services, bank accounts, travel documents, W-4 Forms, tax returns, paychecks, etc. are in your straw man’s fictitious TRADE NAME, not your true name. Until now, when you signed any of these items, you were signing for accommodation and obligating yourself, albeit unwittingly, on behalf of the TRADE NAME. See straw man.

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