Note: A proper name appearing in all-capital letters falls outside the rules of English grammar, which authorizes the use of a capitalized letter only for a very limited number of well-defined uses, such as the initial letter of a proper name. A capital letter is defined as: “(of letters) of the large size used at the beginning of a sentence or as the first letter of a proper name.” (ACED) No lexical authority for use of all-capital letters in the name of a man or woman has yet been referenced by those who would insist on corrupting the true names of men and women by displaying their name in all-capital letters. An all-capital letters-written version of one’s name is not one’s true name, but an artificial construct, existing by force of law only. No authority of English grammar recognizes such a contrivance. The legal term, in propia persona, means “in one’s own proper person.” How can one do anything outside of “one’s own proper person” unless there exists some other “person” by whom/which one could act? Using the juristic artifice known as “legal fiction,” parties identified by their proper-noun name have been ascribed corrupted, all-capital-letter names. All legal pleadings, court records, and licenses use only names appearing in all-capital letters—i.e. “newborn” artificial persons existing in contemplation of or by force of law alone. See legal fiction, proper, fictitious name, artificial, artificial person, idem sonans, informer.

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