[Appellato, onis, f. accosting; appeal; calling by name; name, title; pronunciation. Burt’s Latin-English Dictionary. 1926.] [a. Fr. appellation (13th c., ad. L. appellation-em, of action f. appellare <to accost,* address, call upon>…j I. Appealing, appeal [from O.Fr. apeler.] Obs. 1. The action of appealing to a higher court or authority against the decision of an inferior one; the appeal so made… b. Ground of appeal, title, claim. Obs. Rare. 2. gen. The action of appealing or calling on; entreaty, or earnest address. Obs. II. Calling, designation [from later Fr. apeller, or L. appellare.] 3. The action of calling by a name; nomenclature. 4. A designation, name or title given: a. to a particular person or thing, b. to a class: A descriptive or connotative name.” OED. 1. A name or titleThe act of naming or calling.” F&W. Act of calling by a name;…a name or designation Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. Fifth Edition. 1947. f. appealing, calling, naming, appellation. Cassell’s French-English and English-French Dictionary.

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