ATTORN, v. Law [a. OF. atorne-r, aturne-r, atourne-r (whence law Latin attornare) to turn, turn to,’assign, attribute, dispose, arrange, order, appoint, constitute, ordain, decree, f. a to + tourner to Turn. The analogical spelling is a(t)tum\ but under the influence of Med.L. attornare, the late AF, became attorner, whence attorn passed into the Eng. law-books.] 1. Trans. To turn over to another; to assign, transfer (goods, tenants’ service, allegiance, etc.) 2. To transfer oneself (i.e. one’s homage and allegiance) from one lord to another; to yield allegiance, or do homage to, as lord. 3. Law. To agree formally to be the tenant of one into whose possession the estate has passed; to do some act which constitutes a legal acknowledgment of the new landlord.’^ OED.

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