Charge, N. In general. An incumbrance, lien, or burden; an obligation or duty; a liability; an accusation. Darling v. Rogers, 22 Wend. (N. Y.) 491. In contracts. An obligation, binding upon him who enters into it, which may be removed or taken away by a discharge. Termes de la Ley. An undertaking to keep the custody of another person’s goods. State v. Clark, 86 Me. 194, 29 Atl. 984. An obligation entered into by the owner of an estate, which binds the estate for its performance. Com. Dig. “Rent,” c. 6; 2 Ball & B. 223. In the law of wills. A responsibility or liability imposed by the testator upon a devisee personally, or upon the land devised. In equity pleading. An allegation in the bill of matters which disprove or avoid a defense which it is alleged the defendant is supposed to pretend or intend to set up. Story, Eq. PI.

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