Mastering personal Credit

Module 1 Understanding Personal Credit
Unit 1 How Credit Scores Are Calculated
Unit 2 What Factors Are Not Used in Calculating Credit Scores
Unit 3 The Different Types of Credit Scoring Models
Unit 4 Most Commonly Used Credit Scores Used
Unit 5 How To Boost Your Credit Score & Helpful Tips
Module 2 Understanding The Credit Laws
Unit 1 FCRA - Fair Credit Reporting Act
Module 3 How To Repair Your Credit
Unit 1 Cleaning Your Existing Credit File
Unit 2 Credit Freeze vs Suppress
Unit 3 First Method - Using Contesting Letters
Unit 4 Second Method - Full Credit Sweep
Unit 5 Third Method - Reverse Collection Agency Strategy
Module 4 Alternative Credit Numbers
Unit 1 Understanding CPNs (Credit Privacy Numbers)
Unit 2 Understanding TINs - Tax Identification Numbers (A Preferred Method)
Module 5 How To Build Up Your FICO Score
Unit 1 Primary & Authorized User Trade-Lines
Unit 2 The Personal Credit Building System
Module 6 Alternative Lending And Banking Opportunities
Unit 1 Alternative Lending - Hard Money Personal Loans
Unit 2 Credit Unions
Unit 3 Second Chance Banking

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