Security Agreement- Collateral Section

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  1. Madbacker

    UCC 10-104
    I am in Texas
    I can find it in Georgia law
    I can not see to find it or convert it to the correct description according to Texas

    Please help

  2. Chonie Sharper

    Good Afternoon Madbacker!

    Thank you for being a valued member here at SPC University!

    Have you watched all of the step by step videos? If not, I’d start there as Yusef has outlined everything in those videos. Also, you can schedule a consultation with Yusef by (1) Log into your SPC University account (2) Click on the Main Dashboard tab at the top (3) Scroll to the bottom of the drop down list (4) Click on Consultations
    Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you have an excellent membership experience!


  3. Abel Acosta

    Hello ,
    Where do we claim our spouses and kids BC and SSN in the collateral?

  4. Pooh Jones

    Please watch the step by step training videos as this is clearly spelled out in those videos.


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