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About this course

In this Webinar the Secured Party Process is put all together in one Webinar. This is a new Secured Party Process developed by myself that I am introducing to my listeners. The Secured Party process is a necessary step in becoming a private banker. In this webinar you will learn how to file all your notices as well as the process for discharging debt.  There are many Secured Party processes floating around the internet. Many, however, do not teach fundamental principles of law which as a result leads to charges of fraud and one being labeled as a “sovereign citizen.” The Secured Party process is about private banking. It does not involve claiming a nationality or a certain political status. The process heavily involves contract law and an understanding of negotiable instruments.

The UNITED STATES is in bankruptcy. All property within the UNITED STATES has been placed into Trust. This is what you do in any bankruptcy proceeding. The American Citizens labor is now the asset that has been placed into trust in the form of a Birth Certificate that evidences a real living human being capable of performing labor. This asset can be used to leverage against investments on the international market as the collateral that supports government backed bonds are tax payers. There is nothing illegal,unlawful or secretive about this process as this is the duty of all fiduciary trustees with obligations to the trust…to enrich it.

As a beneficiary of the trust you have an entitlement right of a distribution from that trust. Your entitlement right is evidenced by a certificate of live birth. This RIGHT of a distribution has value and can be monetized by placing it into another trust (UCC Contract) and placed in safekeeping with a trustee (Secretary of the Treasury).  This is how you use your beneficial interest by placing it in competent hands who understand who to perform these processes behind the scene. All of this is private and not for the Public to see.


What you’ll learn:

  • How to discern between Public and Private activity
  • How to properly fill out UCC1 forms
  • How to create your own docuemnts
  • How to read case law
  • How to create Bonds and negotiable instruments
  • How to conduct an administrative process

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Secured Party Creditor
Course work on understanding and implementing privacy through becoming a Secured Party. Coursework supplies information on the commercial nature of government and how to properly interact with said government having the status of a Private American Citizen.
Module 1 Step I - Correcting your Status
This Module is designed to help the student understand status and supply the proper notices to appropriate public actors.
Unit 1 UCC 11 Search
Unit 2 Security Agreement
Unit 3 Security Agreement- Collateral Section
Unit 4 Security Agreement- Indemnity Clause
Unit 5 Security Agreement- Obligations of the Debtor
Unit 6 Security Agreement- Subordination of Debtor's Debt To Secured Party
Unit 7 Security Agreement- Miscellaneous Provisions
Unit 8 Security Agreement- Events of Default
Unit 9 Security Agreement- Rights and Remedies on Default
Unit 10 Security Agreement- Power of Attorney
Unit 11 Security Agreement- Definitions and Glossary and Terms
Unit 12 UCC 1 Financing Statement
Module 2 Step 2 - Notices
This Module is designed to create proper documentation in order to notice the proper public actors of one's desire to be removed from the system and exercise privacy.
Unit 2 Affidavit of Tax Exempt Status
Module 3 Step 3- Estate Planning
This Module discusses the Tax implications related to private status and how to arrange your affairs to reduce your taxable exposure.
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Step 4- Treasury Package
In this Module we put it all together to get ready to send to the Treasury Department.
There are no units in this module.

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