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The Monthly membership contains over a hundred hours of prerecorded instructional material, webinars, documents, and online training courses which cover a variety  of important subjects. This material has been indexed and categorized by subject which allows you to learn what you need to know quicker and more efficiently. This service is best for the Do It Yourself-er or as a supplement for other coaching services. This service also includes many of the needed documents and downloads for each featured mentor

Membership Includes the following:

Secured Party Self Paced Course Specializing in the Secured Party process that takes you step by step in the filling out of documents and the purpose it serves. Please do not think theses are simple videos that show you how to fill out paperwork. The principles and laws behind what you are doing is thoroughly examined. Conducted by Yusef EL, these webinars are broken up into step by step  sections. Professionally edited to make listening and viewing easy to follow.

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