Secured Party Online Course



This is the Secured Party Online Study Course.
The outline of the study course is as follows:

Module 1 Step I - Correcting your Status
Unit 1 UCC 11 Search
Unit 2 Security Agreement
Unit 3 Security Agreement- Collateral Section
Unit 4 Security Agreement- Indemnity Clause
Unit 5 Security Agreement- Obligations of the Debtor
Unit 6 Security Agreement- Subordination of Debtor's Debt To Secured Party
Unit 7 Security Agreement- Miscellaneous Provisions
Unit 8 Security Agreement- Events of Default
Unit 9 Security Agreement- Rights and Remedies on Default
Unit 10 Security Agreement- Power of Attorney
Unit 11 Security Agreement- Definitions and Glossary and Terms
Unit 12 UCC 1 Financing Statement
Module 2 Step 2 - Notices
Unit 2 Affidavit of Tax Exempt Status
Module 3 Step 3- Estate Planning
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Step 4- Treasury Package
There are no units in this module.

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