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Why Schools Teach Socialism
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Why Schools Teach Socialism

by Joe Larson If you’ve been in the “constitutionalist” movements for more than a year or two, you’ve almost certainly read articles which illuminate America’s bizarre hypocrisy: Despite fighting “evil empire” Communism for two generations during the Cold War, virtually all “Ten Planks of the Communistic Manifesto” have been implemented in the United States. Why…

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Ashwander Rules

Ashwander Rules Why one can’t look to the federal courts to enforce the Constitution. Many people seek to enforce the Constitution, especially as originally understood, by litigation, but the Supreme Court has repeatedly indicated that it will not resist the other branches if it can avoid doing so, and urges people to seek their remedies…

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The Missing 13th Amendment THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTION BARRED THE BAR’S ‘ESQUIRES’ FROM HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE! From the ACS Editor: Judge Dale also explains how the momentous Supreme Court decision, Bond v. US (2000), was intentionally buried to prevent the people from finding out about the faux USA corporate government that has been unlawfully ‘slid’ into place….

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