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Roger’s Tax Recovery Letters

March – December 2006


With the greatest discovery of the 21st Century, Elvick has once again shared his freely received, freely given knowledge that seems to unfold faster than one can make sense of it. The 88 pages contained herein, are not all the letters he has written on the subject, but I would guess 70% and definitely contain the up-to-date vital information that is revealed from God to him and passed on to us. As he has stated in a card to me, most people’s minds are polarized to such an extent that it is unlikely they will ever understand the simplicity of what has become known as “Tax Recovery”.

This undertaking of compiling these letters was an evolutionary process in itself. Not only, was it, of course, time consuming ordeal to cut, paste and format into 10 points, but I wanted to color-code particular words or passages so one could just scroll down and find that color and the topic they were looking for. With 88 pages of letters and only so many colors to go around, I decided to foreclose that idea. The words and passages highlighted thus far are my own ongoing work to make it easy to find and since this will be given in ‘word’, then you can organize as you please.

These letters contain the methods to describe how one acquires a house or car and explains how to take care of any bill, charge, civil complaint, criminal indictment / complaint and literally how to order or walk into any store, get what you need and assess the amount as your income rather than give them a debt obligation, which does nothing, and walk out with the goods. This, however, comes down to the individual and what they are willing to put into the study and work to make it happen. If you are looking for an easy way of getting what you want, then, on the one hand, this is your cup of tea as you have the advantage of having your gold confiscated rendering everything you see as prepaid, but “…there must needs  be opposition in all things…”. Thus, by not doing anything until you see the success of others, renders you without possession and growth of the trial & error yourself.

Note: The first letter is actually his first letter that I am aware of where he discusses the 1099-OID dated September of 2005. Also, the last few are Questions & Answers from me that are extremely valuable to me, but each man or woman has different situations and even identical situations are viewed differently by each owns perspective. So your questions are encouraged to be written down and sent to him with a letter for his response. However, most conceivable questions have already been asked & answered herein so search these letters first.


Rockney Martineau 2


  1. The 1099 is for reporting gambling proceeds won or lost at casinos. When we look at the Federal Reserve Note we find that is a promise to pay, but it is not payment, but is a future event, and a future event that has not happened yet amounts to speculation whether or not the promise to pay would actually occur. Thus the use of Federal Reserve Notes themselves are gambling proceeds and thereby a Suspicious Activity reportable on 1099-OID and other means of reporting. Thus whoever is getting a paycheck in US dollars is receiving an ISSUE that is reportable on 1099-OID, because; the Federal Reserve Note otherwise referred to as US dollars are evidence of speculation on a future event, (promise to pay), that is gambling on the future event, as one does not know if that promise to pay will return to the source or not. It seems that it will not return to the “Source” unless it is reported on Federal Tax Form 1099 to enable the ISSUE to enter the Electronic Circuit in a journey to the “SOURCE”. Without entry therein it is doubtful that the promise to pay can occur. (The Tax Return).
  2. So it seems that wherever a check is issued, is the “ISSUE” reportable on 1099-OID; or, where a cash item in a Federal Reserve Note is given and/or received, or a bond or other type security given in commercial paper that is payable in Federal Reserve Notes or US dollars, is the gambling proceeds reportable on 1099-OID.
  3. The 1099 OID filing instructions refer to the “ISSUE” as the reportable item, and that is the check at the source that has not yet returned to the source. It can’t return to the source until it enters the closed circuit via the Federal Tax Form 1099 in its journey back to the “source”. One could say that the first issue, the check, being the “Source”, is the venue, and after filing 1099 on that issue, the item returning to the “source” I suppose the difference in the Source of issue and the item returning to source, (a tax), is the returning item, is charged electronically and travels in a CLOSED circuit back to the source for settlement in exchange!
  4. When you receive a bill for a product you have used, and there was no check, therewith, for you to pay the bill, the amount of that bill is Withholding and is a Federal Withholding in possession of the person who gave you the bill without a check to pay it. Thus, the action for settlement is to report a tax liability assessed in a 1040 tax return, and tax the same as income tax on a 1099-OID filed, therewith. It is the IRS, then, who will tell the bill collector that the amount of the bill is a Federal Withholding. (the withholding in the bill is the amount of Federal Withholding admitted in the bill). The bill is evidence of that amount withheld, and without a check or money order to accompany the bill sent to you, the absence of the check or money order is the admission of Withholding for that amount.
  5. So, there you have the reason to tell the bill collector the amount billed to you is a Federal Withholding, withheld by the sender of the bill, and is cause to assess the same on 1040 and [to] tax the assessment on a 1099-OID, therewith, for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct #(SSN-yours)
  6. What is said above should be all you need to take care of your bills. When you get the bill that did not include a check for you to pay [that] bill, that should be sufficient information for you to report the same on a 1040 and 1099-OID without any further correspondence. (the bill was given for the cost of a product your personal credit was used to create…by assuming the use [of the ghost account]. The 1040 is the assessment of that taxable income debt and the 1099-OID is the Tax Return to the source of your credit for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct #(SSN-yours).
  7. So, it is the tax refund that is the remedy and that makes the action in Small Claims Court unnecessary. I suppose it could be made a Court of Record by putting copies of the 1040/1099 into the court record, but it is the IRS Forms 1040/1099 that makes an Administrative Court the Court of Record with a remedy. The Administrative Court is that of the IRS. That is what the tax court record will consist of, and that is probably the only Article III Court of Record bound with Revenue in the New Venue.
  8. The Bill gives information that makes it obvious the actual payment is withheld, so it is that Withholding that is your taxable income! The requests for the billing agency to file 1099-OID on the issue(s) seems to be alright, but so far the requests have been met with silence and that silence is taken as a Refusal and Dishonor and therefore cause to go ahead and file both the 1040 and the 1099-OID. The tax assessment (1040) can be done on receipt of the bill…when the bill did not include a check, therewith, to enable you to pay the amount due. The fact exists that the funds have been Withheld from you, expressed in the bill, because it requests you to pay those absent funds. Obviously, they have been Withheld and the Withholding is Federal because of the Public Policy HJR-192. So, I think the funds can be reported as a Federal Withholding in possession of the named recipient on the 1099-OID.
  9. It is your credit they use to pre-pay any plan to use the agency services. So, you might ask for the plan to use their services, and provide you the papers to file Federal Tax Form 1099-OID on the issues, to enable you to pre-pay the available services used to make a settlement for closing in exchange Treasury Direct #(SSN-yours).
  10. Request the plan to enable us to use their services pre-paid. That will require the use of 1099-OID. Maybe, when one gets a bill from a company or agency one can accept the bill and return it asking for the plan to enable him to make settlement by set-off or report the item/issue as taxable income and request your tax refund from IRS in tax recovery.
  11. When we focus our attention on the Withholding, we see it as, in fact, Federal Withholding, by virtue of HJR-192 and subsequent legislation thereon; and we can report it as such when we get a bill, and there is no check therewith. Thus, they have withheld the payment, and the same is Federal Withholding. (They probably obtained use of the Withheld credit by assuming the use of the amount used and Withheld from us, and admitted the same was prepaid when they sent us a bill for the product of our own credit (the ghost)-That was identity theft!) 3
  12. Once we identify the corporate account that is holding (withholding)-our account and billing us for the product of their goods and services, that is a Federal Withholding Account, as the corporation is or must be in compliance with both State and Federal Registration laws. These laws may or may not require the corporation to do backup withholding; but the officers thereof are then listed as Recipients on the 1099 OID if the corporation tries to deny withholding. And, if the withholding is current, then it probably is not Backup Withholding but is current and not defines as “backup withholding”.
  13. If the corporation or agency tries to say they are not required to withhold, then their officers are then held to be in possession of Withholding. But it is still the Dishonor that joins issue for the 1099 OID to tax the amount admittedly withheld. The Backup Withholding requirement is for corporate entities only and does not apply to the individual. If the corporation withholds (which is not mandatory (it is then volunteered)) their check, when sending a bill, they are withholding, whether or not their registration exempts backup withholding or not. They are withholding in fact and that fact has nothing to do with the Registration saying they are not subject to backup withholding.
  14. That requirement actually says they are not to engage in withholding (they volunteer) and when doing so they are subject to the 1099 OID report [that] they are in possession of Federal Withholding. Their officers are thereby personally accountable for the withholding and subject to being identified as the recipient and that is the recipient the tax refund check will be drawn against.
  15. Backup Withholding probably has a very specific definition and may pertain only to corporations, as when the corporation announces they are not required to do Backup Withholding, they are admitting dishonor and that is the contract for tax recovery, a small claim. It is probably the policy of the corporation to use the claim [that] they are not required to Backup Withholding, to actually enter the contract voluntarily, because to actually Withhold and to say they are not required is not the same as doing it.
  16. The Corporate Registration saying they are not subject to Backup Withholding probably just means it is not mandatory for them to withhold, but when we volunteer to report the tax, they then are obligated to give us the amount due or withheld (voluntarily)—not being mandatory but volunteered. Thus, the taxable income was voluntarily withheld just like you volunteered to report it (1099 OID). The Dishonor is the Withholding and is taxed to return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct No. (your SSN).
  17. When I read the JK material I see they continue to chase tax deferrals from one place to another, and they never make the distinction between dollars of National Currency (tax delinquent taxable income) and the new venue called Revenue, a small claim in tax recovery (after tax revenue). They are chasing the Ghost (credit) that has not been reported on a tax return to the source—so they are chasing debts that are BEFORE TAXES. The venue we are pursuing is in tax recovery action—after tax revenue!
  18. I read about JK and his Puerto Rico adventure chasing Bonds, but that still does not address the basic tax problem everyone has. So, the Bond funds are the delinquent debts and the tax deferrals and represent contraband if found in possession of one who has no license to hold or issue.
  19. The guy who got the FTB bill is dealing with a State matter and direct evidence is used. The one who got released is a United States of America defendant. (A Federal Matter) and the rules of evidence are indirect. The conditions for dealing with these two different cases are opposite. So, when one takes the FTB bill, that is the Local, State, and Local County Attorney, who is the payer on the commercial issue, they bill you for, and then provide you with no check to pay with (its pre-paid). They admit withholding the tax (they volunteer to do this because, their corporate agency does not require Backup Withholding – thus its done voluntarily). So, this is the international contract when they dishonor you by demanding payment without giving the check/means to pay the bill. This is why they say Income Taxes are Voluntary. The withholding is their admission of the amount of tax withheld from you voluntarily – and that is reported on 1099 OID and 1040 etc.
  20. The Puerto Rico matter you show is a Federal matter dealing with indirect evidence that probably relies on an eye-witness reading the commercial papers causing a set-off. But remember, a set-off is not a settlement in closing, but only a temporary deferral of tax. So, that may be a misleading event, because the tax deferral as set-off might come again to arrest him. The real settlement is what I am dealing with and that is a matter of State evidence, which is direct rather than the federal indirect method.
  21. The guy using the FTB bill and arrest warrant as the invoice going to the County Recorder for copies of liens and certificates and finding none – he just was confronted with the Ghost Account! There isn’t any! The tax is withheld (The credit [yours] was assumed. Thus no paper trail—the Ghost Account) and the bill says how much –and that is Federal withholding –volunteered by the issuer of the bill. (The bill is the evidence of pre-payment, because, it admits to using of your credit to create the product you are billed for). The Withholding is your income tax as the taxable income reportable on 1099 OID and assessed on the 1040.
  22. These must be handled on the state level because the county attorney is the one who authorizes issue of municipal bonds to fund banks, both State and Federal. He does this by the county using Blocked Grants of your credit to purchase Mutual Funds (Derivatives) and those funds are known as International Monetary Funds (Derivatives) and those funds are known as International Monetary Funds. This is how they are brought into use —through bank loans and mortgages ie Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the other members of this family of national currency providers. This family of the Freddie and Fanny’s do not have any way to repay the mortgages to the Treasury as they have no social security numbers themselves to bring the re-payment of loans back to the treasury. This is why Congress does not require Freddie and Fannie to have financial statements — because that would admit they use our Credit and property for collateral. It is our personal social security numbers that are now hooked up to the Treasury Direct that can carry the credit used back to the Treasury Direct (the source) and this is done via the family of 1099’s (ours now being 1099OID). The 1040 assessment of the 1099 OID issue produces a tax refund of the amount of income tax reported. Its done in the steps of placing taxable income on the 1040 entries according to instructions on the form.
  1. The Puerto Rico affair is a wild goose chase, as the paper they are chasing must be federal to cross international borders, or, internal affairs of the Secret Service, and that involves the IMF and Local Mutual Funds I described above. They use “agents Provocateur” to assume probable cause to charge the issue of financial instruments for use as One-World-Order. The One World Order is a Money Order etc. These money orders all have their origin in the County Attorney’s purchase of Mutual Funds by his assuming a Blocked Grant (Municipal Bonds) of foreign credit of his political enemies. Your credit (credit is a Ghost Account that comes and goes where nobody knows). That’s what is reported on 1099 OID when accepting the bill is the Voluntary Withholding of a pre-paid account that used your credit to create the product you are billed for. The 1040 requests a tax refund of the money HJR-192 took away, so we could not pay our bills at law, and that left the government obligated to pay for us when we confess the debt as our personal income –thus the tax refund!!!!
  2. When I filed my tax returns I listed myself as Recipient of my social security payments. These are my personal income and I still get a tax refund. Those funds are taxable income to me and I don’t apply for any deductions.
  3. She can take those checks and report the income and spend those checks as after-tax income. Also, the house mortgage gets reported as income (taxable income)
  4. They must stop protesting the tax and admit the tax on taxable income. That qualifies them for the tax refund, a tax recovery small claim in a new venue called re-Venue.
  5. The Ghettos Adolph Hitler used as Municipal Reserves to finance his SS troops, a military buildup of International troops. Notice these are not National Reserves – but Municipal Reserves. And it is the Municipal bonds that fund the County Attorney’s purchase of Mutual Funds that create the International Monetary Fund. This is yours and my credit (foreign to the public) used to create the IMF. This is a new Venue or Re-Venue —a small claim.
  6. Otherwise they are handling corrupt funds that will eventually confront them. That is going to require admitting to having taxable income that they never received. But they can also report the amounts they have received too, and they just don’t list those amounts as Federal Withholding because those have already returned to the source (to them). E**l has the checks. She also has the house and the mortgage. The amount of the mortgage needs to be reported on the 1099 OID and 1040. E**l does not want the “so called adjustments” s that appears on the 1040 as “adjustable gross income”. When reporting taxable income only, and not taking deductions, there is no adjustment. The taxable income carries over to page 2 of the 1040 without the insurance adjustment when you don’t claim deductions. (Those deductions are the tax deferrals of debts and they can still come back to haunt you). (That’s because the insurance companies carrying the Risk are not using after-tax income but are using your “credit” –the Ghost Account, for themselves, and have spent the reserves they were supposed to be withholding for payment of taxes when that income is reported). When that income is reported, then the IRS will go after them for the absent reserves. That means criminal charges against someone in the State organization.
  7. Suing for Quiet Title is not going to solve E**l’s problem. That’s a personal injury suit for damages, and that’s what got JR put into the hole here. Her remedy is a small claim in “tax recovery”, and that all is summed up in reporting taxable income.
  8. Personal injury and damage claims are for the national currency of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and family, and they are delinquent taxes. Asking for that remedy requires a license to hold those tax deferrals, or to withhold them.
  9. She might write to the mortgage company and ask them for instructions from them to her (of their business plan) for how she is to handle the pre-paid mortgage and return the taxable income to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct (her SS#). She might mention the taxable income is her personal income (the value of the mortgage).
  10. I would think that kind of a letter from her, the mortgage company might offer to file the 1099 OID for that result. Then she would need to file the 1040 to perfect the claim. (the 1099OID goes into line 64 of 1040). She needs to get her Social Security reported on the 1099 OID and assessed on the 1040 to stop fraud charges. Getting her delinquent tax returns current will stop all that. She needs to move her account from the current venue into the revenue
  11. Otherwise she might write to the IRS and ask for them to prepare her tax returns that show her taxable income as her personal income, that it be returned to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasure Direct (SS#) The reason to ask the question that way, is because, the voluntary tax they have withheld from her is pre-paid; because, it was, and is, from her credit in the 1st place (the Ghost Account) and she could also instruct them not to take deductions against taxable income if they prepare her returns for her. (There will be 2 returns). One will be 1099 OID and the other 1040.
  12. Her drawing off Social Security isn’t a problem, but withdrawing from the system is a big problem and might result in being confined in an institution, as she fears.
  13. When I actually started to bring my delinquent tax returns current, it really didn’t take very long and was not as complicated as I thought it was going to be. Now I just need to wait on the results. I didn’t cover all the past items, but, I can do those next year or else go to a 1040 X and amend the one’s I just did.
  14. This has gotten very interesting and simpler since I have realized that the Withholding is the taxable income (the Ghost Account) that is reportable for the return to the source. And the said Withholding is Federal Withholding because credit is a Federal Project of which Regulation Z is a part of. So, when one gets a bill and there is no check therewith, the taxable income has been voluntarily Withheld, that you can report on 1099OID for the return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct (SS#). It is a Federal Tax Form and the Withholding is thereby Federal Withholding. Art has an example of the filings!
  1. With these, you don’t need to use the letters to prove dishonor. The bill is enough for that. Then all you need to follow is the 1099 OID example and the 1040 example therewith! Those are very simple!
  2. G P might want to get those 8300 reports on to 1099 OID’s and 1040 to obtain settlement. But as long as every one persists in chasing the delinquent tax deferrals I am not going to wear myself out trying to explain this point by point
  3. The 1099-OID might be filled out as soon as one has gotten the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and sent to the IRS, immediately, to establish the fact, in the escrow, that the tax has, if fact, returned to the source. I am weighing the idea that 1099’s can be filed as they occur throughout the year, and at year-end be entered and assessed on 1040 as personal income. If this is so, then one can come to the closing of escrow with the 1099-OID filled out and, maybe, already filed, (in the mail), and give the payer his copy when he pays the seller for the item offered and accepted. I am not sure of the, yet, but so far it seems like it might fit the occasion—at least, I am sure that the 1099-OID needs to be a part of closing the escrow. Otherwise, there is no way to get the credit used, back to the source; and, if that accrued amount cannot come from Withholding back to the source, the escrow can’t close. So, here seems to be a bottleneck that needs to be overcome to enable the closing to go smoothly.
  4. I think we should be able to file the 1099’s throughout the year as each occasion to do so arises. Maybe write to the IRS and ask about that.
  5. One should consider, here, that a Firm Offer must consist of the signature of a corporate officer and his Taxpayer Identification number. Probably, the Bar number who has the trust account, or who is the one in the Firm who can sign the check for the escrow. It might be enough for one to ask if the signature(s) on the offering is sufficient to bind the escrow dealership to the closing of escrow.
  6. In many companies the offer is made and signed by one of the employee sales people and another signature is required to make it a Firm Offer; and, that is usually given at the time one signs the acceptance of the Firm Offer. But, when dealing by mail or other circumstances, that one is not in the actual presence of the salespersons, those cannot be signed at the same time, and one needs to allow for the passage of time and events. So, it is necessary to establish the conditions that must actually be present for one to be sure the offer is binding on the persons and dealership. Maybe, a simple question put to the sales person first encountered: Who is the escrow agent whose signature is needed to close the deal so it is binding on the company?
  7. In an auto dealership there needs to be an escrow agent and a seller who is to receive payment for the auto, in full. So, that person must be a company employee who can take the payment and deliver the vehicle. But, the escrow agent must be identified on a Firm Offer by his (TIN) and, maybe, a Supervisor number (6 digits). One might ask if a supervisor is required to be on the closing contract/invoice and, if so, he/she must have their supervisor number that could, probably, serve as the (TIN). You might ask them if that number is to serve as the Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) to qualify and bind the Firm Offer to close in settlement! Asking for that information to be with the Firm Offer would not be out of the way. You can tell them you need to know this before any information from you can be given to enable the deal to close. That means those signatures must be on the offering before you have anything to accept. It is the (TIN) that should identify the escrow agent’s signature that must appear on the check to the seller (someone who receives the check as Payment In Full for the Firm Offer). You are not interested in how much is paid out in fees and commissions. That is between the seller and the escrow agent (corporate officer). Your name will be signed on the contract, somewhere, ACCEPTING the terms and conditions, above. That is where you put your addendum to escrow instructions…before you sign the Acceptance. Those added escrow instructions should spell out the exact method the escrow agent must give his check to the seller who must be named to appear at the closing to receive the check in full payment. You don’t care about the fees and costs, etc., as those are between the seller and escrow agent. You only agree to the Purchase Price and, you expect to see the escrow agent give his check for that amount to the seller. –CLOSED!!
  8. This is why we accept the manufacturers suggested retail price. There is enough money in the spread between wholesale and retail [prices] for the dealership staff to be paid to settle all the costs of delivery. You only sit and watch until you see the check in the hands of the seller. The dealer is responsible for all the liens, fees, and costs! You only need to see that the escrow agent pays the seller (that might require the 1099-OID to be filed prior to the issue of the check to the seller…maybe simultaneously, leaving the 1096 signed, therewith, [for] the escrow agent to mail to IRS)
  9. I suspect the escrow agent’s check can’t be issued unless the 1099-OID is in the contract, signed and dated!
  10. I expect when one signs an acceptance and there is no check, therewith, to pay the seller, which is the point of dishonor and entry into the International Contract of revenue. That is the point of Withholding the amount said in the bill, and on that event, the 1099-OID is what taxes that amount back to the source for settlement, etc. With the 1099-OID as part of the closing, the escrow agent might be able to issue his check if he is listed as Payer, thereon, and the seller [is listed] as Recipient. Then, there is no further Withholding. The Federal Withholding box would be left empty as the funds would have been paid and no longer withheld.
  11. So, as we discuss these matters in detail, it becomes more evident that one must positively identify the seller, the buyer/purchaser and the escrow agent, who is responsible to issue the check to the seller for the full price accepted. These are the three main players. But remember, if the dealer refuses to close the deal, then the 1099-OID lists the Payer and Recipient, thereon…but, the Federal Withholding box is entered for the amount withheld.
  12. So, if one should go to closing with the 1099-OID filled out and in the contract, and the escrow agent fails to close, then one must fill out an identical 1099OID but check the VOID box [X] and, immediately, following that, fill out the next 1099-OID and check the CORRECTION box [X] at the top of the form, and fill out the form with the same Payer and Recipient but, also, put the amount into the Federal Withholding box. That way they are on record for being in possession of taxable income the IRS can get for you when you file for a tax refund on your 1040.
  13. What is so fascinating in getting a dismissal from IRS prosecutions using an attorney who is very likely responsible for the charges coming against one? The Internet download entitled 1040 Checkmate? I do not understand why such fascination with opposing the 1040 Tax Return? Why does everyone always point out that one is not required to file IRS Form 1040 for any reason? The failure to file charges one receives for not filing is because one is spending and consuming products of corrupt revenue that is tax delinquent (contraband). Isn’t one sure way to beat the charge of willful failure to file or failure to produce books and records for filing, to simply file the 1040? But then we know it takes more than filing a 1040 to obtain the remedy. Although the 1040 includes the 1099 OID entry, and one must use the 1099 forms to report credit used that did not originate as a Loan of Federal Reserve Notes. It is known as a “ghost account”, or often referred to as “none existing”, suspense account. That is because it is taken by assuming the credit of someone’s SS#, and that leaves no paper trail from its origin until whoever uses it sends you a bill for the product of the credit use or else has used it as a loan guarantee and the default of that causes the lender to seek the underlying asset as collateral (you and your SS#).
  14. So, the main problem seems to be people failing to understand how credit works as opposed to Bank loans that were funded by tax paid dollars (back in the days when Congress passed a Bill, before it became effective, the House Ways and Means Committee had to actually fund the Bill before it became law). But now, it is our own credit that is assumed to fund the manufacture and delivery of product, we receive Bills for that are Pre-paid by virtue of the credit I just mentioned. When the bill is sent to you without the check to pay the bill, the revenue is withheld from you voluntarily and that accrued amount is what a 1099 OID is used for, to return the taxable income to the source.
  15. So, until this aspect is examined by the “tax protestors” they are likely to be a victim of Larry Becraft and his tax protester organization who is making his livelihood promoting the illegal practice of not filing. His seeking donations, is the practice of sitting at the “city gate”, begging from the debtors seeking entry to the “city”. (To appear on the Role as a resident thereof who owns the SS#.) Is he the one who sits at the public pool waiting for someone to take him into the pool (his portfolio as a partner) and selling his partnership (renting it to those who pay him interest for its use?) Is that not an act of soliciting? Are not the donators going to bed with a prostitute? Larry Becraft is admittedly a solicitor when he admits being a member of the BAR, is he not? Is not Larry Becraft withholding the remedy/damages along with Oscar Stitley from Bob Lawrence, and thereby holding delinquent taxable income that may or may not belong to Bob Lawrence. B.L. would need to file his Federal Tax Returns to assess that particular taxable income as his personal income. Is this not the reason Larry Becraft and Oscar Stitley protest filing Federal Tax Returns for B.L. because they would be exposed for withholding B.L.’s personal income?? And then B.L. can also file for the tax refund on the 1040 too, can he not? So, why do these two solicitors want B.L. and others to protest IRS and Federal Income Tax via 1040 etc? Are they soliciting others into a mob for a riot etc?? Tax Protestors get shot and killed by US Marshals do they not? Remember Gordon Kahl? So, why encourage people into this kind of behavior?
  16. The 1099 OID only alerts the Treasury that those funds are Treasury funds. But it is the 1040 Tax Return that assesses those as my personal income. That’s what the other contrary tax return is unable to overcome if they try to produce a voucher for their claim.
  17. Remember this: that when social security says it is suspending your benefit, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have stopped them. It only means they have been accrued into a suspense account until the owner can prove it is his personal income by asking social security to file the 1099 on the Original Issue Discount, or if they refuse, to file it themselves, and follow with the 1040 to self assess those particular funds as personal income. (That 1040 is the Certificate of Title to those particulars). Or, if a 1040 is already filed for the year, then use 1040X to amend it.
  18. The fellow at the car dealership: I would say to not try it the way you size it up. I am not sure the dealership has a commercially charged bank account that were inn operation before the Social Security Number was connected to the Treasury Direct electronically in June of 2003. That might change how we are to deal with the escrow agent. So, let me suggest here that you try using a credit card (Master Card or Visa) that has a $29 fee for exceeding the credit limit of the card account. I don’t think there is any limit for the credit used after the $29 fee is paid. That fee can be added to the options list for the vehicle and the dealer must pay for that option when closing the deal. That should lock the credit card in for the balance accruing to the account. Then, the bill from the credit card can go to the IRS as a money order along with the 1040-V.
  19. The money order(s) I hand wrote is actually based on the bill I got from someone, that by giving me the bill, gave me a money order or Order to Pay money to them…so, that should be eligible to send to IRS, according to 1040-V instructions, to send the voucher with our money order, made payable to the United States Treasury. The 1040-V going with the bill to pay the credit card that pays for the auto is the actual tax assessment that charges the bill with your personal income to enable the escrow to close in tax recovery. The actual electronic connection must be made in and through an individual 1040 assessment. Agency tax returns cannot connect electronically, so their agents must do this voluntarily [by] reporting the transaction on their own 1040 tax return to enable the tax to pass-through into the Treasury. They get notice of the taxable income when we give them the Recipient Copy of 1099-OID…and that is what they must report on their Individual 1040 Tax Return to assess that transaction as their very own income…or deduct it as belonging to someone else…maybe ours! If they claim the taxable income as their personal income, then they need to show how that income came to them by agreement. If there is a dis-agreement/dishonour they then, obviously, have violated their own conscience and committed perjury.
  1. So, the game is for connecting the agreements together voluntarily, and where the dishonor is voluntarily withheld the escrow agent cannot claim the taxable income withheld as his personal income on his 1040 tax return; but he must report that amount as a deductible item allowed by the agency he is employed at as an escrow agent. The agency still must pay for the options that go with a vehicle; and the escrow agent makes sure those items are paid for by the agency and, thereby, can deduct those items on their Individual 1040 tax return in a private contract matter required by the contracting buyer to utilize private funds to settle and close in exchange Treasury Direct (your SS#). Thus, the buyer can use 1040-V to vouch for the funds going through the credit card to be assessed and charged as a tax in tax recovery.
  2. If a company employee (escrow agent) should be bound to utilize his personal 1040 tax return to account for his company pre-paying the vehicle and options purchased, that company has been forced into a forward sale (like Enron) where they must list a tax loss measured against the employees (escrow agents) tax deduction (taken against excess proceeds as Federal taxes paid from their personal income, or rather, pass through his account privately for settlement with the buyer using private funds. (The taxable income needs to stay connected as it passes through into the Treasury.)
  3. Anyway, with the tax returns charged with our assessments, I don’t think they can keep our remedy from us for long. Those charges are, now, alive and will keep eating away at whosoever is responsible for withholding our taxable income, and the means by which the benefits those funds represent, should not be able to stand idle while our needs go unfulfilled.
  4. When I don’t feel good it’s hard to focus my thoughts on anything like a remedy we need with the tax refund. But, then, it isn’t too hard to imagine that using the filthy lucre of the public debt results in death. That is, the actual body that goes to the grave by execution, and tax-loss write-off. The grave has nothing there. The debt is a lie.
  5. The Payer and Recipient on the 1099-OID’s are no mystery. The Filer on the 1096 is assumed to be the same as the 1099-OID Payer; but that isn’t necessarily so, because the Payer of the reportable issue might have assumed the use of one’s credit and paid the issue to the Recipient unbeknown to you at the time it was done. Then, when you ask that Payer to file the 1099-OID on that issue, he/they simply ignore you. So, when you file you might use your name as Payer—as the intruder paid the issue using your name—thus your account of issue. Or, you might use the name of the actual Payer who paid your credit from your SS# account. Either way, it came from your account, and needs to return to that source.
  6. Federal withholding. They are simply reported as Original Issue, but they don’t appear on the form as Federal Withholding. But, nevertheless, that filing declares those funds to be private and not state casino issues that are taxed out of circulation via the 1099-OID used. The 1040 still needs to take these filings and assess the income tax, thereon, to charge the income as personal income. Otherwise, the income remains taxable income but nobody knows whose income it is—so it continues to circulate as public debt corrupting every account it goes into (this is cause for obesity).
  7. The Administrative HOLD spoken of is: the software in a computer with “no charge” to close the circuit. These administrative accounts are operated by people who don’t know what they do. They operate on the protocol called for on their job and when he assumed charge is made, which is “no charge”, there is no actual charge to close the electronic circuit in the computer which leaves the account escrow open (an open grave) for the public to assume there is a charge—when there is none. The actual account is hooked up by electronic interfacing to-do electronic funds transfer but, if there are no actual charges that can enter and close the circuit in the computer at the Treasury, then there are no charges, in fact, but there is an imposter standing in the “holy place” declaring himself to be god (the state employee). It takes a social security # to connect to the Treasury Direct and, it takes a 1040 tax return to report the income that can travel in that closed circuit! That tax is the charge that closes the circuit in the administrative computer that assumed the HOLD when their circuits remained open when the “empty charge” was entered into that file. The Warrant # entered is an “unpaid check” warranted by the state that has not been charged with a REAL tax assessment! The only real tax assessment there is is from an Individual 1040 Tax Return.
  8. That should spell out the basis of a warrant and how the warrant, being empty or no-charge, is the basis the public administration used to put a hold on the person’s name who appears on the warrant, because they, otherwise, have no charge, thereon. So, the person whose name appears on the warrant should report that particular as personal income, and report the same on 1040 to assess the tax on that particular warrant. When the tax is actually assessed on 1040, that particular tax charge accelerates time to maturity of the agency/corporation forward sales agreements and contracts, for delivery from tax loss write-off from the agency/corporation time to maturity tax charge in ordinary time.
  9. It is at this point the agency/corporation agent voluntarily withholds the taxable income—the same being Federal Withholding. At this point the funds are revenue in tax recovery. They do not mix or co-mingle with other public currency.
  10. When you file the 1099-OID on funds like I did as Recipient of my Social Security funds, they are not listed as Federal withholding. They are simply reported as Original Issue, but they don’t appear on the form as Federal Withholding. But, nevertheless, that filing declares those funds to be private and not state casino issues that are taxed out of circulation via the 1099-OID used. The 1040 still needs to take these filings and assess the income tax, thereon, to charge the income as personal income. Otherwise, the income remains taxable income but nobody knows whose income it is—so it continues to circulate as public debt corrupting every account it goes into (this is cause for obesity). 8
  11. Dear Art: 6-28-06 I have been going over my old letters and am enclosing what I had intended to mail earlier. Don’t know why I didn’t send these to you when I had the notes made thereon to do that. But the infection I had, had me distracted sometimes when I wasn’t able to keep on top of everything. So, here they are with my notes at the time I did them. I may have run short of envelopes the day I finished those notes and just forgot to retrieve them for mailing when I got more envelopes.
  12. When I am doing 1099s it really takes a lot of envelopes, because each entry sometimes takes 3 or 4 envelopes. But, thank heaven those are mostly finished, except what I will discuss below.
  13. I am thinking a 1099 of some kind might be used to attach to a bill and file the account then and there. The VOID box might be used to void the use of our SS#. I need to see what happens when I do some of these. I don’t think the VOID shows on the payer and recipient copies. The IRS could go after the corporate withholding and not let the agency know we have VOIDED the credit from our SS account assumed by them. When I just looked at the payers copy of 1099, I see it shows the VOID and CORRECTED on that copy. But Recipients copy only has the CORRECTED on it. So, that means the recipient has taxable income in his/her possession that has been VOID but they don’t know that. Only that they must owe what has been reported as withholding! These need to be closely examined! I think we can use 1099 of some sort to VOID bills that have assumed the use of our credit without our permission. I am wondering if something like that might be attached to a summons or warrant or indictment and reported as soon as one receives it, using the VOID to cancel the indictment for instance.
  14. If someone checked the VOID , I don’t think one would need to amend 1040 unless that particular entry had been put on a 1040 previously. So, it seems when we receive a bill for questionable reasons, we can VOID it this way, and serve the 1099 copy on them, whereby the IRS will receive payment from them and take that debt item out of circulation. They will still have to pay it even though we VOID the particular issue. If we mark it CORRECTED I think we need to enter it on 1040 at the end of the calendar year. But, anyway, I think we can use the 1099 of some sort to take care of the bills as they come to us, throughout the year, and then add the accruals and enter on 1040 at end of the calendar year. Those that are marked VOID are simply VOID! Would you run this past Rockney ASAP? He will no doubt get right on this idea with some sort of action.
  15. 1 June: Roger wrote about 6 June that instead of Ron trying to get back his confiscated then stolen car from the police, he might be better off to buy a new car, but to go to a bank to close escrow on the money to pay for the car, license, insurance, etc.
  16. When he goes to the bank, he asks for a personal officer to help him to process and obtain a certificate of deposit sufficient to cover his purchase of the car and to run his small business (THE STRAWMAN) until the end of the calendar year. Then ask the banker to see the bank offered selections of Certificates of Deposit to put into a savings account. Also, seek to have a debit card issued and a corresponding checking account wherein funds can be transferred from savings to checking from time to time to guarantee the pre-payment of checks and Debit Cards and surrender early withdrawal penalties on the CD, and/or portions of it
  17. When sitting with the bank officer you are with the escrow agent of the bank; and when you accept his offer of a CD and you know the price of it (your acceptance might be oral at first) but when you sign anything it will be an acceptance, and with that you will want to add your addendum of escrow closing instructions for the escrow agent to fill out Federal Tax Form 1096/1099-OID on the particular issue of the accepted item. So, somewhere along that line you will get a refusal/dishonour Probably when you agree or sign an acceptance and when you tell them the item is pre-paid. Somewhere about there you can expect to get the denial/dishonour. (It might take 3 denials). But, nevertheless, if denied or when denied, then give the agent your list of escrow instructions for closing, that will include an express request that the escrow agent prepare and file Federal Tax Form 1096 and 1099-OID on this particular issue, for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct #(your SSN). Also, include asking the agent for a supervisor to close the escrow. That might take care of one of the denials. Or, maybe, you will have the 3 denials in the string of incidentals asked for (maybe instruments to operate the account), before you ask the supervisor to prepare and file Federal Forms 1096 & 1099-OID to return the taxable income Withheld from you, to Treasury Direct # (your SSN) for settlement and closing in exchange.
  18. Someone needs to try this to see how the banker tries to orchestrate the offering of CD schedules, (you want to ask if the offer is a Firm Offer) Definitions; dishonor = Set-off or discharge refused: Dishonour = Withholding tax recovery—a small claim
  19. 7-27-06 Dear Art: I got your letter of 7-20-06 but we don’t have postage one our envelopes to go to Canada, so I will send to Sally as I expect she gets this to you by remail or email, etc.
  20. I don’t remember who all I sent the money orders to IRS copies to, but I am sure it is someone who you share information with. I am expecting to put the total amount of income reported on my 1040 into a money order to IRS to pay to the United States Treasury and charge the same to the Escrow Agent whose name was reported on 1099 OID. That way the escrow agent gets charged privately to close the escrow. Notice too, that the money order puts the money in the box {black box}. This is the same information box that the airlines carry to record classified information. I am pretty sure that the PO Box in the municipality where our social security numbers have been taken from the rolls, is the black box on the money order and 9

the same is also the Federal Withholding Box on the 1099 OID and other 1099 forms too, on the Recipient Copy B that is!! They also ship prisoners in Black Boxes snapped over their handcuffs. So this is an admission the prisoner is carrying the charges listed therein. Then, when the escrow agent gets his check to charge the escrow for settlement, he has no choice but to pay for your/our benefit, or else he is in position to have a perjured Individual tax return. The penalties of perjury are self-inflicted disease. These are contracted for, by a compromise of one’s conscience. (The Shadow knows!! Ha! Ha! Ha!) Sal sent me this yellow pad I am writing on and a supply of envelopes.

  1. When the money orders go to IRS they go with a 1040-V. But I see no reason to send a copy to the escrow agent. They should get a check from the United States Treasury for the amount reported in the Recipients box on the 1099 and that same said amount put into the money order to IRS with 1040-V therewith.
  2. I am not sure about our getting tax refunds directly from the IRS. I think it will take our money order to the IRS to pay out to the escrow agent who is responsible to invest the money into financial instruments such as Treasury Bonds, Notes and Bills or Bank CDs, etc. Or, to pay for items offered and accepted. The checks go to the escrow agents who are responsible to close the escrow. So, that explains how we are to obtain our tax refunds. We do not get them directly, but indirectly via escrow agents charged by the Treasury via IRS from our money orders with 1040-V.
  3. You need to take a careful look at the IRS, Kansas City money order for the method to obtain the substance/product of the money from the black box. It is an escrow agent who is charged therefrom to close the case/escrow for our benefit. Where it says: Pay—{this amount in black box} etc., etc.
  4. Dear Art: 7-28-06 Before I get into anything else, let me say that I think we must give IRS the money order to pay the charges to the escrow agent who has withheld the taxable income, as the escrow agent has nothing to pay with. I also think the IRS cannot pay the tax refunds to us directly, so there needs to be a money order with 1040-Voucher to pay a 3rd party escrow agent who is equipped to put the money into a product or substance of some kind. If the money order tells the IRS to pay $ to the United States Treasury and charge the same to the escrow agent, it is the person of the agent who is named who has the obligation to put the funds into rolling stock or substance. Thus, the Treasury would have their escrow agent put the funds into rolling stock or substance. Thus the Treasury would have their escrow agent put the refunds into their catalog items of T-bonds, T-Notes, & T-bills with interest rates and maturity dates with the items in your name – also provide you with a statement of account showing the current value and status of those items. Their escrow agent is probably your local bank employee, unless you specifically ask for an account with the Treasury itself. That would probably be processed through the Federal Reserve Bank. But I don’t know if there be any advantage to that. I am in hope that the Wells Fargo Bank I have issued a money order to its escrow agent, to fund my CD for $3,000,000.00 will be interested in the other offerings reported on the 1099-OIDs. I am just now figuring I must issue a money order to IRS to pay the Treasury and charge the same to the escrow agents, to enable us to get settlement in the actual substance offered by the one who sends the bill.
  5. With that subject covered, maybe my comments on your enclosed billing example will make more sense to you. I am inclined to think, since you asked them to file the Federal Tax form 1099 OID on the issue and they fail to do so, they are voluntarily withholding the taxable income. So, maybe a money order to the IRS to pay the US Treasury and charge the same to the particular person giving you the bill and include a 1040-Voucher with the money order to IRS would be all that’s needed on this one. Giving the 1040-Voucher with the money order is actually you filing your income, taxed with the Voucher whereby the IRS can authorize the Treasury to pay the escrow agent to close the escrow. They will probably have to pay the funds to you to balance their books. You get the product and the funds both!
  6. If you should elect to try this, you can issue the money order and 1040-V to the IRS without giving the escrow agent any notice whatsoever. But once the agent gets a check from the Treasury for this purpose, he must pay them out for your benefit because he must account for those funds on his Individual 1040 tax return. Thus he must spend those funds for your benefit and, he can’t win by not spending like said, because; the IRS will know he has taxable income in his possession by virtue of not cashing the check. So once you think this through you will see that by paying them binds them to spend for your benefit.
  7. I think the tax refund cannot be paid out to us directly. That’s why we need to pay the money order to 3rd party escrow agents (those who send you the bill without a check). So, every 1099 identifying a Recipient needs to have a money order sent to IRS at Kansas City to order IRS to pay the amount showing in the black box [$100.00]. The black box shows on the Federal Withholding Box of the 1099 Recipient Copy B. This is confidential that we authorize by giving IRS our money order with the 1040-Voucher. That might not need to be issued from a 1099 filing. It might be enough to issue from the bill they sent you, because the 1040-V admits your personal income you are vouching for. That might not need to be accounted for in the end of year regular 1040 filing, as there would be no more need after the escrow closes.
  8. I also wonder if the 1040-V is to identify product received, but the bill has not been settled yet. This might be for making settlement where the Recipient is you and you are reporting the product as personal income, where there is no Federal withholding. It is the Federal withholding Box that has the Black border drawn around it on the Recipient Copy B. Or, since you admit to being the recipient by having received the product, but the bill is still not settled, and the one who sends the bill did not send a check therewith; then the taxable income is still withheld. So, any idea of having received product or not, seems to be irrelevant, as the withholding is reference to funds regardless of product or not. So, in that sense, I am inclined to think the money order to IRS with the 1040-V might be all that is needed for consumer items. Big ticket items might be more of a problem. 10
  9. Maybe some of your circle will have something to add to this: Ethel, BB, RR, or Kevin, etc. But anyway, here is the written reminder that points in the direction for our remedy. I was previously of a mind that if I had received product and put myself as recipient there was not Federal withholding. But if the bill is still sent without a check, then that’s taxable income withheld, and it is Federal Withholding. So, since the product is pre-paid, then the withholding is a Federal taxable item notwithstanding the product. So it seems the 1040-V with the money order to IRS is the remedy. We have some of those in use now that we should soon know the results.
  10. Something should be said about PO Box in our mailing address. These are not Post Office Boxes. These are commercial Purchase Order Boxes of Residents in the municipality where one resides and the zip code with the Box number appearing in a 4 digit extension gives their Federal ID number of the commercial transaction who the resident is that lives there.
  11. I am enclosing a rough draft of a money order to IRS that goes with a 1040-V. That should give you another option for your remedy.
  12. The main idea I want to get across to you is: the difference between a bill and a tax. Both of those re trying to collect something, but one is empty of a charge and the other is charged. Of course, the bill is empty of a charge and is looking to be charged. The tax, of course, is charged and is capable of closing escrow on an offer to sell, whereas the bill is not charged to close the escrow circuit. The bill that issues to say it is a true bill, (indictment) is a lie, because since it is a bill it is not charged. The alleged charge is assumed as probable cause but is still not charged as a matter of fact. And this reversed idea of a charge, the same being a lie, is what the state employees use to disguise themselves with a title and go on the highway in the disguise alleging charges in a Bill (true bill) that is not charged in fact. But for the bill to be charged, the escrow agent thereof, is given the money order via IRS to charge that person’s bill, and thereby close the escrow. So, the money order to IRS to pay the amount to the United States Treasury and charge the same to the 3rd party escrow agent is based upon the 1040 assessment that is a self assessment that charges the money order to pay as said. So, it is the 1040 that is the charging event.
  13. Now, remember, the bill is looking for its partner to close the escrow/circuit. It also has the name of the person whose credit was assumed to charge the bill. But since the Pharaoh in Egypt (Industrial) ordered Israel to make bricks without straw (without the strawman) the State can no longer4 charge a warrant, so a true bill is alleged in secret to hide the lie. The State in disguise has entered the sanctuary to assume charges it still does not have. It is still a lie. The sanctuary is the secret service where they obtain the list of names and social security numbers from the municipal rolls of the residents thereof and use that credit derivative to charge the victim for the unauthorized use of the credit that is still not charged as a matter of fact. They have only obtained the credit from the SS# but no charge is connected in fact. So, the true bill is not charged until the real owner assessed the bill and taxes the same back to the source when charging the same in 1040 assessment. It is the IRS that has possession of the 1040 assessment and when we give them our money order to pay the Treasury and charge the escrow agent who accused us or sent the bill, that charge is binding on that agent. The charge in fact closes the circuit/escrow.
  14. So the tax is charged with magnetic energy to draw the bill to itself charged in the conscience of the accused thereby binding the agent to close escrow. Thus, the bill and the tax accrue to each other to result in a 0 balance.
  15. And when you get this for reading this letter it should start to become more clear that the bill taken and accepted, and a money order given to IRS with the 1040-V therewith, might be all one needs to get the money order charged to issue to the escrow agent by IRS. With the escrow thereby closed there seems to be no more need to keep and deal with those records. So, that also means the 1040-V is the only 1040 we need to file on a particular bill. We probably no longer need to use the 1099 OID. (Although the 1099 report gives IRS the information what kind of a bill is being charged.) So, it is still uncertain if we can handle bills, only using the 1040-V with the money order. But using the 1099 OID is a certain way to identify the withholding of taxable income and the same being Federal Withholding.
  16. Something else you might keep an eye open for is: when you get a letter that says “Return Service Requested:, the send is looking for a tax return. Otherwise the letter says: “Forwarding Service Requested”. So, keep your eyes peeled for the return.
  17. After Israel crossed the Red Sea did they not wander in the wilderness 40 years? Is the 40 years the length of FHA loans, and is not the wilderness the spread between Wholesale and Retail? At what amount between Wholesale and Retail have the negotiations agreed upon as something less than Retail? They fell in the wilderness into their graves by execution of the contracts. They fell somewhere between Wholesale and Retail.
  18. So, the bill and the tax first mentioned herein are accrued one to the other. One is charged and the other is not. The bill is not charged until taxed back to the source and a subsequent money order is given IRS to pay the assessed amount to the sender of the bill (the escrow agent). So the tax is the amount of taxable income assessed on 1040 and the same paid to the escrow agent in closing! That might not be the same as what the bill is – but are they drawn together in wedlock – a shotgun weeding? Or, are they not?

P.S. Something should also be said about the word Foreclosure and Forgiven. Did not our Redeemer say: Father Forgive them for they know not what they do? Is this not what we are doing when we order payment be made to close or Foreclose the escrow? Forgiving them their charges they seek?

  1. 8-15-06 Dear A.
  2. Your questions for what I did with the Debbie Heim offers is just what you see. She made me 3 separate offers with 3 separate small ID numbers. These were in response to my giving Wells Fargo branch manager Deeton, at M.H, a 1099-OID for a Federal Reserve Bank certificate of a Treasury bill,, note, or bond, I don’t remember which, that he took for a CD at his bank; but, he never gave me the deposit slip and refused to return the T-item to me. D. H. wrote to me about that matter 3 times (3 offers) but did not provide payment. Thus, she withheld the taxable income 3 times. So, that resulted in my reporting that/those offers on 1099-OID and issuing the money order and 1040-V to IRS to pay those amounts offered to the Treasury, and pay the same (charge the same) to D. H. to enable her to fund the CD I originally gave Wells Fargo; but, now, it is 3 million plus the 1 million still to be processed with Mr. D. (You might notice the 1040-V carries the same OMB# 1545-0074, the same as a regular 1040 form). I expect we are able to use the 1040-V to report each item as personal income as it arrives throughout the year. With these Money Orders like that, the escrow agent who is charged will pay us what is owed rather than IRS giving a refund. At least, that’s the way it looks, now.
  1. There was nothing different with what I did with K. K., as I think you are right in saying it was a later entry where it went on a 1040X. I am not equipped to actually look into that for an answer here, but if I remember correctly that’s what happened. But, there is nothing unique about that filing…except to say that K. K. was the one who called for collection of that amount that took Orange County, CA down. The one amount of $1,389,000 is what took Orange County into bankruptcy as they had sold that amount into the Japanese Stock Market for $1,389,000,000. So you see, the basis they used was simply to add 000 to my account held by K. K. (You know the rest of the story). The other entry of $1,000,000 was a bill I got sometime around 1995 or 1994 somewhere, for two entries of $100,000 each, bearing my SS# on each one. Thus, 10×100,000= $1,000,000. These were security items given to a South Dakota business organization to hold, with K. K., and the State of Minnesota, the sponsor for those funds.
  2. The Carol Zurn $20,200 is a 2nd offer. She was given my request for information of the amounts she took from my bank account and she wrote and told me she wanted $200 for that information. So, being a 2nd offer, she got the second 1099-OID, but this time a 1040-V and money order went with it to charge her for the settlement. The acceptance and return [of the offer] for settlement seemed to be meaningless, anymore, than to give notice of dishonour and voluntary withholding. The bill she gave me is actually a Money Order for me to pay money or, we could call it a Purchase Order, too. They are the same thing (an accrual). So, when I give my money order to IRS with my 1040-V, I am really giving them [IRS] the bill or money order they [she] gave me I should, maybe, attach the bill they [she] gave me to the money order I give IRS. Those have all the clearing numbers on them just like a check. Also, that is just like returning an acceptance of the bill, except in this case; we send it to IRS as the Money Order with the 1040-V, therewith, assessing the item to charge the tax.
  3. Winston gave me a sample copy of doing this with 1040-ES. But I elected to use 1040-V because 1040-ES is a Fiscal Year report. My 1040-V is a Calendar Year return.
  4. The fellow at the car dealership: I would say to not try it the way you size it up. I am not sure the dealership has a commercially charged bank account that were inn operation before the Social Security Number was connected to the Treasury Direct electronically in June of 2003. That might change how we are to deal with the escrow agent. So, let me suggest here that you try using a credit card (Master Card or Visa) that has a $29 fee for exceeding the credit limit of the card account. I don’t think there is any limit for the credit used after the $29 fee is paid. That fee can be added to the options list for the vehicle and the dealer must pay for that option when closing the deal. That should lock the credit card in for the balance accruing to the account. Then, the bill from the credit card can go to IRS as a money order along with the 1040-V.
  5. The money order(s) I hand wrote is actually based on the bill I got from someone, that by giving me the bill, gave me a money order or Order to Pay money to them…so, that should be eligible to send to IRS, according to 1040-V instructions, to send the voucher with our money order, made payable to the United States Treasury. The 1040-V going with the bill to pay the credit card that pays for the auto, is the actual tax assessment that charges the bill with your personal income to enable the escrow to close in tax recovery. The actual electronic connection must be made in and through an individual 1040 assessment. Agency tax returns cannot connect electronically, so their agents must do this voluntarily [by] reporting the transaction on their own 1040 tax return to enable the tax to pass-through into the Treasury. They get notice of the taxable income when we give them the Recipient Copy of 1099-OID…and that is what they must report on their Individual 1040 Tax Return to assess that transaction as their very own income…or deduct it as belonging to someone else…maybe ours! If they claim the taxable income as their personal income, then they need to show how that income came to them by agreement. If there is a dis-agreement/dishonour they then, obviously, have violated their own conscience and committed perjury.
  6. So, the game is for connecting the agreements together voluntarily, and where the dishonour is voluntarily withheld the escrow agent cannot claim the taxable income withheld as his personal income on his 1040 tax return; but he must report that amount as a deductible item allowed by the agency he is employed at as an escrow agent. The agency still must pay for the options that go with a vehicle; and the escrow agent makes sure those items are paid for by the agency and, thereby, can deduct those items on their Individual 1040 tax return in a private contract matter required by the contracting buyer to utilize private funds to settle and close in exchange Treasury Direct (your SS#). Thus, the buyer can use 1040-V to vouch for the funds going through the credit card to be assessed and charged as a tax in tax recovery.
  7. Keeping these things in mind, you should be able to use a minimum balance credit card to complete a transaction on autos, trucks, and/or real estate! And, as Winston says, to pay the bail bonds of prisoners, etc. Maybe, go to the warehouseman (warden) and, using a credit card, request the warehouseman pay the $29 fee to close the bond land set the prisoner free.
  8. If a company employee (escrow agent) should be bound to utilize his personal 1040 tax return to account for his company pre-paying the vehicle and options purchased, that company has been forced into a forward sale (like Enron) where they must list a tax loss measured against the employees (escrow agents) tax deduction (taken against excess proceeds as Federal taxes paid from their personal income, or rather, pass through his account privately for settlement with the buyer using private funds. (The taxable income needs to stay connected as it passes through into the Treasury.)
  1. 8-23-06: Dear A,
  2. Everyone is getting over-anxious about the IRS getting difficult in getting any tax refund paid to us. Do you suppose this is another grand scheme to bait-and-switch?
  3. Anyway, with the tax returns charged with our assessments, I don’t think they can keep our remedy from us for long. Those charges are, now, alive and will keep eating away at whosoever is responsible for withholding our taxable income, and the means by which the benefits those funds represent, should not be able to stand idle while our needs go unfulfilled.
  4. I will be waiting to hear what you find out from IRS before trying to make any sense out of the delayed refunds.

Then, too, I should like to hear from Gary P. and/or Joan for the outcome of his trial, as he will probably have some good information for how effective his use of the 1099-OID’s and 1040 are in his use, thereof, to defend himself. I hope he was able to share my letter with you as that had some information I was unable to duplicate before mailing to him.

  1. When I don’t feel good it’s hard to focus my thoughts on anything like a remedy we need with the tax refund. But, then, it isn’t too hard to imagine that using the filthy lucre of the public debt results in death. That is, the actual body that goes to the grave by execution, and tax-loss write-off. The grave has nothing there. The debt is a lie.
  2. Once we have actually charged the tax to the accountable parties, I don’t think the IRS can divert the refunds. They are going to have to make settlement, in fact, before the person taxed goes free. This is, now, a matter of conscience and the charge is binding on the conscience, whose agreement is bound by the 1040 assessment. If they wish to continue the delays they will compound the accountability. So, maybe, just a lot of patience will cause the charges to fester with those they have left in harms way.
  3. I don’t think we want to start jumping through the hoops that IRS is suggesting that we tell them how we want to be paid. They owe us the tax refund; now, they can write us the check and we will figure out where and how to deposit it…. after we get it. Maybe make them give us two checks; one small enough to be able to use for our personal needs and the other we can use to find a place to deposit and invest the proceeds. (Probably in the Treasury, itself).
  4. I don’t like the sound of what JR and the others here are thinking of doing to comply with unreasonable IRS conditions for them to make payment. That game is another Withholding that the original tax derived from. So, we might be at our best to wait and see what the charge really does. The 1040 is still the Certificate of Title to that tax refund, and the items the owner, thereof uses them for. Not only that, but the IRS having posted the amounts of our tax refunds on the Web site, is pretty strong evidence of the 1040 assessment of the tax, in fact. Do we need to start raising the question that the IRS is using a grand deception that a tax refund is available when, if fact, it is not? Is the posting the amounts on the Internet still a deception to lead us to think there is tax recovery revenue when they make it impossible for us to actually make personal use of it?
  5. I think the answer to that question is that we need to consider what the nature of the tax charges are, after they have been assessed and charged as a tax on the 1040. Then, too, we need to be looking for what occurs with these matters as the questions might be answered soon and simply.
  6. Maybe a letter needs to be composed to accuse the IRS for erecting barriers to our remedy by omission, in that they fail to produce a means for us to make use of the tax refund that is, otherwise, referred to as tax recovery. If we are unable to use a tax refund that they admit is owed to us, then, if they are unable to make it available for our use, they then, in fact, have withheld the taxable income themselves…and there is no refund as a matter of fact. It won’t be long, if our refunds are not paid, that the IRS is going to have a lot of explaining to do on the tax refund admissions they made on the Internet.
  7. It was good to hear that Gary was able to prevail, so far, in his trial. I was wondering if his requesting his accusers to file 1099-OID’s would be enough to keep him free from lockup. So, it seems that [procedure] has worked so far, and now he has enough time to tie up the loose ends.
  8. BB sent me a form letter that requests the IRS to file the appropriate Federal Tax Forms to properly report my personal income. We should all be able to use that form for us, here. I think I might use that form but minus the prior filing references and see if IRS would file for those who have not done so, yet. There are quite a number of illiterates here in prison that this proposal for IRS to do their tax returns for them might work. We will have to see how the IRS receives those kinds of requests.
  9. The arrest of the algebra fellows. What was that all about? They probably were able to express some of the income tax terms in code or assumptions that really was a sophisticated tax protest. Where were the 1040 returns for these fellows? If they didn’t have any filed they were prime bait for arrest.
  10. I need to write to BB, again, as there are unexpected questions that came up on the Judges bond from B. County.
  11. Dear A. 09-01-06 In my looking over the cemetery regulations you sent, I think the first comment should be that the description we seek for the oath bond and mortgage is a municipal cemetery. The material you sent, however, does give some information that includes municipal cemeteries. Then, too, I see the material that pertains to the State of Ohio has a complaint form that might work in my case, where I wrote to the county attorney for this county and he failed to answer. The complaint form, itself, seems to be specifically designed for comment on refusal of attorneys to answer inquiries.
  12. I am not exactly sure if these descriptions of National Cemetery requirements will show how the municipals must comply with the national scheme or, if it is the other way around. Are National Reserves the internal Municipal Reserves? The national scheme of things are collective, whereas, the Municipal is particular and specific, where Resident is identified in particular holding a reservation on a cemetery lot. I don’t know of any citizen who is specifically identified in that role. The citizens seem to be a part of a collective bargaining operation of a pool of mortgages (Freddie Mac), otherwise known as the Dow Jones Averages—thus mob rule. Other descriptions of this are known as a Court of Equity or Courts of no record ! The same is a Court of Iniquity or den of iniquity. The same is a War-den of iniquity, which operates on the absence of a record-thus iniquity—meaning No Equity, or the equity is in or internal (internal revenue?) This idea, then, points to the municipal as being internal parts of the National scope, and when the internal revenue is assessed and taxed back to the internal source, the acceleration of time to maturity occurs as a matter of course, and the tax loss to agency/corporation must be written off as an event after the fact (a priority).
  1. So, when one examines these conditions, we can easily see why the accusers have gone to the extreme lengths of deception that they have to hide the mortgage taken on their oath, and used a cemetery plot as the collateral for the Real Estate Mortgage, and the resident holding the reservation, thereon, accountable for the local tax, thereon, the same being the mortgage payments assessed by the city or county auditor.
  2. I think these taxes are paid on city and county assessments made where there are no registered owners; and I suspect the cemetery lots are included in this because there are no bodies in those graves, yet. This is how the Wal-Mart Stores are financed. They employ methods to remove all assumed owners of the real estate they acquire, to set their store on, and that abandoned real estate is taxed by the city and county, and those payments are simply mortgage payments that should be going to anyone who can move into that abandoned property and lay claim to those tax returns, etc. The City and County assume they own PRIVATE PROPERTY (because it is taxable income that cannot be agency/corporation property!) Then whose property is it? Is it blocked in a Black Box?
  3. So, when one gets the actual description of the Metes and Bounds of a Wal-Mart store, and proceeds to put his name on it as the owner, then all the Wal-Mart payments made to the city and county now go to the owner as lease payment for the use of the Real Estate. Currently, Wal-Mart is paying lease money to the county and city that has no moral claim on it—as the property is private and not public. Thus, the revenue is internal and a claim on the property and a tax assessment on the same, accelerates the time to maturity of the Wal-Mart lease where they must take a tax loss write-off and deliver the forward contract to the owner, forthwith!
  4. This condition with Wal-Mart stores, just mentioned above, is one of the results we came across in our search for the financing method used by the Chief Judge on his Oath Bond. The Oath is a promise to pay.
  5. The cemetery regulations indicate a business can obtain certain Lots that can be plotted for grave sites, and held for future use. It looks like the lots can be various sizes (probably depending on the population of the Municipality,, etc.) but indications so far show at least 3 sizeable lots can be held by a business like Wal-Mart Stores, where I live, has three different Real Estate Lots it sits on. These were prior farm sites.
  6. This situation described above is just one of many possibilities for the location of the Cemetery Plotted Lots the judge’s oath is based upon. But, that type property might be a clue to how other Public organizations obtain use of private property—by keeping private persons from being able to make claim on it. We might discover the master plot in our search for the Chief Judges’ Oath Bond.
  7. I have seen signs of this method of financing city development projects where the lots homes are built on are Plotted and sub-divided into taxable lots, etc. But, where the assumption that the contractor is a private owner is just not so. He is using tax deductions, and that confesses the taxable income belongs to someone else other than him. So, those development lots are very likely the cemetery lot we are looking for that turns out to have a wider use than we suspected. The Chief Judge Oath Bond is, probably, in a pool of mortgages first sold to Fannie Mae and then re-sold in a package with others, to Freddie Mac, that may have special handling to enable the Judge to deny all opposition to the bribes they give and take. They try to exempt cemetery lots from taxes; but those exemptions do not apply to income taxes as the claim for exemption would originate from an agency/corporation that accrues to -0- when the tax is assessed on 1040.
  8. I just got a W-9 sent to the county attorney who refused to answer my request for information for my name appearing on the Residential Roll of Nelsonville . And I, subsequently, wrote to the State Superintendent for Real Estate and Professional Licensing who, also, oversees the cemeteries in this respect. I complained to this lady because the county attorney refused that inquiry. It will be interesting how she will act knowing the county attorney is getting an IRS tax form to certify his TIN#.
  9. I haven’t let them know, yet, that I am seeking the $30,000 bond on the oath of the Chief Judge.
  10. JR wrote to the county coroner asking for the geographical location of his cemetery plot/lot as a resident of Nelsonville. The coroner never answered the letter, but he did call the Warden, here, and asked what was going on. (so they do have something to hide!!)
  11. Remember, these are not National Cemeteries, but are Municipal. But, then, all municipals would be plotted within the nation, so they would be an internal part of the National Cemetery in keeping with the Vital Statistics. But, the municipal cemeteries seem to be where big corporations hide large mortgages on those Plotted Lots because they are declared by statute to be exempt from taxes—but they can’t escape the 1040 tax assessment as that is what accelerates the agency/corporation forward delivery contracts’ time to maturity and, they are compelled to take a tax loss write-off in spite of their assumed exemption they can’t realize as a matter-of-14

fact. The 1040 is “holy ground” and they can’t stand on that with commercial trappings. Thus, they are held to the penalties of perjury (ex officio).

  1. In all these cases where probable cause is assumed, these actors, also, assume there is no equity to show in evidence against them, anywhere. But, when one files a 1040 and assesses the tax on that particular “assumed probable cause”, declaring the exchange thereon, to be personal income and the same is taxed back to the source, the agency/corporation contract is accelerated in time to maturity for tax loss write-off and, thereby, surrenders the delivery of collateral held in the forward sale contract(s).
  2. They haven’t had to deliver the collateral, yet, because we must not have, yet, located the contract and/or real estate with the mortgage on it
  3. Everyone needs to start writing inquiries to the local Coroners and County Attorneys or mortuaries and/or Superintendents of Professional Licensing and Regulating of Cemeteries asking for the geographical “Metes and Bounds” location, and where your name appears on a Residential Roll having a Reservation on a Plotted Lot as required by law. Where is that particular lot located? And what are the financial liabilities connected, thereto? Those questions can be put to them as you have a need to know because-of town, state and federal tax reporting requirements! 1. Ask for the official Roll on which your name and SS# appear in the Residence having the corresponding cemetery lot reserved. 2. Ask for the geographical location of the Residence and the corresponding cemetery plot (metes and bounds) reserved for that resident. 3. Ask for the tax assessment on the residence and on the corresponding cemetery lot (the metes and bounds, included) and/or the “metes and bounds” thereof, if the same said property is held to be exempt; and the corresponding statute or other law or regulation declaring the exemption. 4. Ask for the holders’ name if exemption is claimed; and, the name of the person or organization who pays for the upkeep of the property or, otherwise, contributes to the maintenance of the property via taxes or otherwise. 5. If the said information is held by a church or exempt organization: Provide the name of that organization and the official registration of when and where the registration was filed; and, the name and organization doing the filing, holding the record, etc, together a letter of inquiry for everyone to use? Especially those of us who are in prison and on the Resident Rolls of the City or Township Municipality sponsoring the correctional prison facility? My comments for what should be in an intellectual inquiry might not be complete or in the order the questions should be put.
  4. This type of inquiry should be made by all who have a concern of where our freedoms have gone; and what has made a healthy and vigorously active society become alcoholic land obese!
  5. I am waiting for information from BB about the Chief Judges’ oath that I hope will be enough for me to put that particular issue on my 1040 tax assessment; and, hopefully, expose the sinister use the Judge and those that followed him have used the bond for.

141 This next week or two should give us information back to us that might reveal some of the mystery. One of the controversies is the Real Estate purchase made by a prisoner, who has sent a Request to the Attorney General of Ohio/ex officio for his accommodation signature on a Real Estate offer accepted where the Realtor/Broker refuses to issue their check to close the escrow (the tax forms for this case are in the file) I wonder if the Attorney General ex officio will try to withhold that taxable income!!

  1. Dear Art, 09/05/06 I got your letter of August 29, 2006, today, so I will fire a short note to you with a copy (working copy) of a letter I wrote to the County Office of the United States Dept. of Agriculture. The letter is self-explanatory and it sums up my case in the County the same as if the letter were a Complaint in a Federal court. There has been some controversy on the internet that BB encountered when they wee trying to bring the indictment into comments from me when I was in Cayahoga County custody. They were trying to bring comments relating to the North Dakota Supreme Court case in Bye v. ELVICK wherein Bye was unsuccessful in taking my farmland—because of the reasons you will see in my letter to the North Dakota FSA office in Nelson County. The Supreme Court case was, basically, an appeal from District Court in Nelson County by Bye that did not agree with Byes’ argument(s) that were all empty charges (he simply didn’t have any money to pay me). He, and his realtor buddy, Walsted, were trying every way to avoid the real obligation the Realtor Walsted had—to close the escrow by giving me his check in closing the escrow. Everything about the case arguments were simply a collection of irrelevant comments made to obscure the real cause of Byes failure to prevail: Byes realtor buddy, Walsted, simply failed to pay me—pure and simple. Any comments made on the internet websites were malicious slander and libel by those who attempted to cast me in a bad and questionable light. But now that the taxes are brought to bear on the matter, the hoodlums connected to spreading the malicious propaganda are now identified by their anti-tax position with those who tried to take my property disguised in delinquent events.
  2. My letter to the FSA County Committee is official notice that if they participate in putting government payments and security for loans and marketing of products of the delinquent tax matters confronted in my letter, into the hands of unauthorized persons, the same is traffic in illegal drugs. The County Committee will have something to say to the State Director if he chooses to withhold the information from me. Also, there is a good chance the County Committee will not let any more government money go to those who are standing in line to get those funds. This is going to get interesting!

BB will, probably, find this especially interesting since the internet propaganda surfaced—with no names of who was responsible for that. (I wonder if they have reported their income taxes?!) 15

  1. Dear Art, 09/07/06 The Payer and Recipient on the 1099-OID’s are no mystery. The Filer on the 1096 is assumed to be the same as the 1099-OID Payer; but that isn’t necessarily so, because the Payer of the reportable issue might have assumed the use of one’s credit and paid the issue to the Recipient unbeknown to you at the time it was done. Then, when you ask that Payer to file the 1099-OID on that issue, he/they simply ignore you. So, when you file you might use your name as Payer—as the intruder paid the issue using your name—thus your account of issue. Or, you might use the name of the actual Payer who paid your credit from your SS# account. Either way, it came from your account, and needs to return to that source.
  2. I know I listed myself as Recipient on the funds I actually got from Social Security because they were not withheld from me, but I still wanted those funds reported as my personal income so that the property that income was would identify the same to belong to me. If I had it to do over, again, I think I would report my bank or banker as the Recipient and I could then follow my income, therefrom, from my bank account. I would say it would have to be the banker as the bank is artificial and might not work. Then, the recipient is obvious for who that should be. Remember, we are doing this privately and the public regulations do not apply.
  3. When you file the 1099-OID on funds like I did as Recipient of my Social Security funds, they are not listed as Federal withholding. They are simply reported as Original Issue, but they don’t appear on the form as Federal Withholding. But, nevertheless, that filing declares those funds to be private and not state casino issues that are taxed out of circulation via the 1099-OID used. The 1040 still needs to take these filings and assess the income tax, thereon, to charge the income as personal income. Otherwise, the income remains taxable income but nobody knows whose income it is—so it continues to circulate as public debt corrupting every account it goes into (this is cause for obesity).
  4. The Administrative HOLD spoken of is: the software in a computer with “no charge” to close the circuit. These administrative accounts are operated by people who don’t know what they do. They operate on the protocol called for on their job and when the assumed charge is made, which is “no charge”, there is no actual charge to close the electronic circuit in the computer which leaves the account escrow open (an open grave) for the public to assume there is a charge—when there is none. The actual account is hooked up by electronic interfacing to-do electronic funds transfer but, if there are no actual charges that can enter and close the circuit in the computer at the Treasury, then there are no charges, in fact, but there is an imposter standing in the “holy place” declaring himself to be god (the state employee). It takes a social security # to connect to the Treasury Direct and, it takes a 1040 tax return to report the income that can travel in that closed circuit! That tax is the charge that closes the circuit in the administrative computer that assumed the HOLD when their circuits remained open, when the “empty charge” was entered into that file. The Warrant # entered is an “unpaid check” warranted by the state that has not been charged with a REAL tax assessment! The only real tax assessment there is, is from an Individual 1040 Tax Return.
  5. That should spell out the basis of warrant and how the warrant, being an empty or no-charge, is the basis the public administration used to put a hold on the person’s name who appears on the warrant, because they, otherwise, have no charge, thereon. So, the person whose name appears on the warrant should report that particular as personal income, and report the same on 1040 to assess the tax on that particular warrant. When the tax is actually assessed on 1040, that particular tax charge accelerates time to maturity of the agency/corporation forward sales agreements and contracts, for delivery from tax loss write-off from the agency/corporation time to maturity tax charge in ordinary time.
  6. It is at this point the agency/corporation agent voluntarily withholds the taxable income—the same being Federal Withholding. At this point the funds are revenue in tax recovery. They do not mix or co-mingle with other public currency.
  7. Your letter questioning getting higher-ups in IRS involved I don’t really want to do for myself, just now. If the conventional stuff doesn’t get results as fast as everyone likes, then I don’t want to press matters from that position. The charges made for tax assessments made are sufficient to cause those who actually have them in account to wish they had swift relief when these charges start to fester.
  8. Dear Art, 09/12/06 Here goes, again…my attempt to answer your questions from your 9-5-06 letter. The last few days have been dedicated to family writing I needed to get caught up with so I hope I can finish something to you before the weekend delay catches up. I, also, need to keep up with my legal stuff. Two Minnesota judges need to receive 1099-OID’s. Their W-9’s are due back, today. They will, probably, default on that.
  9. In regard to BB’s reference to “counter securities” we need to take another look at how to deal with it. The counter security she is referring to, being an agency claim (bill), is a forward sales contract/agreement that accelerates into time to maturity tax loss write-off when assessed and taxed on 1040. After this tax loss write-off occurs, that’s when the agency employee volunteers to withhold the taxable income (rather taxed income at this point) and it is Federal Withholding reportable on 1099-OID. The tax assessment mentioned above could be assessed on the 1040X or, more likely, issue a 1040-V as a Payment Voucher by writing on the bill/money order, therewith:” Pay to the United States Treasury” and send those back to the one withholding. The one who is voluntarily withholding taxable income that has been assessed and taxed is a special IRS agent” who is holding income that has been assessed and taxed back to the source via 1040-V; and the bill/money order payable to the United States Treasury, as said above, is paid into the Treasury by that payment voucher. Now, the Treasury has the obligation to make settlement with us, as when HJR-192 took our money …gold… out of circulation and, now, we have paid it back via the bill/money order paid to the Treasury, they must settle with us dollar for dollar. So, if the account is inversely paid dollar for dollar the -0- accrues as a result. So, where is the Security they must surrender in 3 days? Is this the “counter security” BB is referring to, or is she talking about the voluntary withholding being the “counter security” which is a Federal Withholding, or,, is the failure to surrender the security a new offer to attempt to off-set the prior income withheld? Which is 16

the “counter security”? Maybe a letter to the sender is in order to make them spell out what is held, or withheld after tax loss write-off of agency, and where is the basis of a new offer taken from? Accuse them of making off balance sheet forward sales contracts, bonds, etc. that are assessed taxes and tax recovery revenue illegally in the hands of the Withholder attempting to create a ”counter security” by co-mingling tax revenue with state regulated casino funds reportable on Federal Tax Form 1099-OID. Which does their bill consist of? Does it consist of tax paid revenue or is it a new offer from taxable income still delinquent? The billing method seems to resemble the accounting done by Enron. The VA (Vets Admin) and others need to be accused of this type accounting; and made to explain how the “counter security” can exist when the tax assessed on the particular issue accelerates the agency time to maturity (ordinary time) into tax loss write-off and the securities held, thereby, delivered in 3 days (72 hours). How do they gain possession of tax recovery revenue to enable the sender to make a new claim, or to assume he has a claim on the prior assessed account. (Ask if the prior assessed account had a double indemnity that is present in the bill/offering?) That might be one possible answer to the unholy conduct.

  1. But, no matter, the agencies who are playing the accounting game need to be written to and accused of the Enron type accounting deception(s) and confronted with the questions, like stated above. Someone should lay out all those questions in a letter to the agency agent in the appropriate order I mention them and, maybe, in a form letter that can be developed to put the renegade agencies and their agents into exposure of what they are doing.
  2. I am beginning to suspect that those agents/employees of agency are, in fact, IRS agents; all of them, because the real Republican form of government is in that private structure—the government having gone private in the 1040 tax assessment. At that point, the one who withholds taxable income is, in fact, an IRS agent, and when we take the bill/money order and 1040-V Payment Voucher, therewith, and send it back to the sender, to: Pay the United States Treasury, those who are in charge of the agency sending you the bill are all IRS agents because they are all dealing in” Internal Revenue”, now, by virtue of agency tax loss write-off. So, all agencies is for Republican use and is, now, private government funded by IMF Superfund in Blocked Grants/ Does not the 1040-V have a Black Box for the payment to be displayed in? Is that not the amount of foreign credit blocked for political use, and returned to the source with the 1099-OID and 1040 tax assessment?
  3. It is interesting at this point to observe that very little income, if any, actual income, is taxed on 1040 when the 1040 filers have been taking tax deductions and, thereby, waiving claim to personal income, thus, that is then not a Republican form, yet, because it has not confessed the tax liability that then become a tax refund, if requested by the 1040 Filer. The IRS agents can only be identified as such when they are in possession of revenue passing through their hands. So, those agency employees become special IRS agents when they voluntarily withhold taxable income, which is known as Federal Withholding.
  4. If I had been asked to suggest how Sally should file, without having to document all my reasons, I would say that the best way is to accelerate all her past years into the 2005 year filing, like I did. There a lot of items that were not included in those 30 years covered in that 2005 year 1040 of mine, but, the best information was used that I had available at the time, and if IRS should give me additional bills that need to be reported, I can, probably, settle the immediate bill with the 1040-V like I described, and let these accumulate until next years’ filing where they can be listed land summed up on the 2006 Form 1040. But, the actual tax assessment and return to source occurs when the 1040-V is done. I issued a 1040-V at a later time to cover the entire 1040 assessment I filed. That, actually, covered all the 1099-OID’s filed.
  5. Regarding the VA bill for $107, etc., you first want to tell them you did not, and do not, agree to the garnishment withholding, thus you furnish them with a 1040-V and instructions to pay their bill/money order to you—“Pay to the United States Treasury”, and issue to you [A] a refund of what they already took. The 1040-V is the tax assessment of your personal income that accelerates the time to maturity VA forward sales contracts into tax loss write-off and require them to surrender the collateral (forward sales) to you in 3 days (72 hours). If they fail with this, accuse them of the Enron accounting methods of abuse.
  6. For now, I think any further comments from me would tend to distract. So, see how this fits with what you are already doing.
  7. Dear Art: I don’t know if there is enough time for me to answer your letter and get this into the mail before the weekend delay. I put express status to BB and GP, because she pointed out where the court was at with each of the defendants. And I think she gets things to the rest of you without delay. When I finished with that, then I got a short message out to GP I hope will get to him in time to use the information.
  8. Their plans to use the 1099-B and 1040 I think will give the prosecution something to think about, where they will be compelled to bring additional issues, and the information I gave to BB and GP will put that to rest. (The great sleep??)
  9. I have a suggestion here however for Sal. She might take all of her income from as far back as she wishes to go, and itemize then, and bring them all current, including both the income he is currently paid what is withheld-no distinction between that agency division. That amount can be entered on 1040X sent to the regular IRS office for your area, and the current amount her employer has paid her and withholding, added together, and one the state there, write: Pay to the United States Treasury and put that amount on the 1040-V and send to her employer:

John Doe (employer)

Internal Revenue Officer

His business address

His city,/town and state and zip 17

  1. Now you make her employer responsible for the taxes on her entire income, and letting him know he is an IRS agent. That is going to get them all unsettled when we openly know they are all IRS agents!! That binds him to his own personal 1040 filing making it a civil matter.
  2. If Sal is still uncertain, then she doesn’t need to use 1099 or apply for refund. She can apply only for refund of what they withheld. But putting the amount currently on 2006 income, she just reports the total on her W-4 statement. That should show total income and what is withheld and that statement is the money order on which to write: Pay to the United States Treasury and put that amount on the 1040-V and send it to her employer (the IRS agent). Now they are going to have a real problem. How much are they going to hold on her employers books after they pay the treasury? Think about that for a bit and you will arrive at your own solutions.
  3. Make sure she puts her entire amount 2006 earned on the 1040-V, and be sure the W-4 has both what she has been paid and what is withheld are added together. If they don’t have the paid amount on the W-4, then put it on yourself showing the amount withheld included in the total earned. That is what the 1040-V Payment Voucher shows as tax assessment. (Then what is her employer doing with her personal income (Revenue) in his possession?) Let everyone know they are to use the W-4 as a money order to pay the taxes assessed on 1040-V into the Treasury. This should help you all to get all your taxes assessed and reported to IRS.
  4. 9-17-06 Dear Art: I hope my information got to BB and GP in time for them to make use of it. With what w are considering here, I wonder if you can still purchase books of drafts or sight drafts in stationary stores like the carried years ago. Banks would have them for special situations. And they were used widely in the early years of the west. They would come in a book that would have a stub on one end that you would tear off the draft after the draft and stub were filled out.
  5. I am beginning to think a draft like that is what we will need to withdraw from the tax refund. I* think we need to take delivery. It’s not going to be given to us, so we must take it! And by using that to deposit the tax refund into the bank and I think that might work for the Treasury Investment Kit items of T-Bills, T-Notes and T-Bonds, as the forms provide for” Pay Direct (X) or, Other. Those might work.
  6. It is evident now that when those tax assessments resulted in tax refund, that refund is now the Republican Form, and maybe Judicial Complaints that argued constitutional law that didn’t work back then, might work now, because, the 1040 in exhibit would show the Republican Form, by virtue of the tax assessment putting an end to the prior agency/corp. and the filing fee paid with tax paid revenue, or taxed if not waived, would set the jurisdiction Republican. Thus, the revenue is again public (Re)public (like (Re)fund).
  7. So, JR is considering bringing an action in admiralty with the idea the tax assessment sets the vessel under the gold fringe flag that will sail Republican, whereas it was sailing under a black flag before (as a pirate!). So, the action he is thinking should be: United States of America, ex rel vs. The Warden, et al. That is a criminal action against Piracy! With all the 1099s filed, we have plenty of evidence of the Black Flag (black box) carrying the booty of stolen securities known as forward sales contracts i.e., delivery agreements to deliver prisoners, bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, Miller Act bonds, US bonds, etc. The 1040 being as Exhibit in evidence (the court of Record) as the article III court. All those items mentioned above as forward delivery contracts and collateral thereof not having been released in the 3 day (72 hours) time, is the evidence they have the booty in their possession. It will be the United States of American ex rel, vs. The Warden et al and the Governor and State of Ohio. It is the State of Ohio vessels that are sailing as a pirate. JR is still contemplating this.
  8. If we can get an action like this filed we then might be able to issue orders from that action and place with US Marshalls via the USM-285 form to serve on the warden for our immediate release.
  9. So, that’s the overall plan we hope to get into action. Maybe you could ask around about the drafts I mentioned and maybe someone might be able to get some for us. Or maybe a book of forms might have a sample we could use to make our own. We can use whatever help we can get with this.
  10. 9-18-06 Dear Art: I am starting a new letter to you sooner than I expected due to JR informing me in the mess hall this evening that new policy is in effect to put restrictions on our being able to make copies (Xerox), when we get withdrawal slips from the business office we now need to have the specific number on the withdrawal slip of copies we want. That might not sound like much of a restriction, but sometimes it takes a week or 10 days to get a withdrawal slip approved to then find an officer who will do it. (Actually make the copies for us). So, if you start to think about this, you begin to see that decision is a deliberate attempt to slow the legal and commercial process coming against the pimps and prostitutes who run the show. But that’s the way the negative mind works, so we need to adjust to that, and, no doubt in doing that, we will develop methods of dealing with their repulsive methods much more efficiently.
  11. So, I think in the end we will be even better off getting more proficient against their oppressive methods because we have less paper to deal with we deprive them of using them against us if they don’t exist in the first place.
  12. When you look at my last letter to BB and GP you can see what I mean by the recommended use of the 1040-V. That recommended use is a tax assessment that ends agency/corporation use of commercial contracts, bonds and securities etc., in their forward sales thereof. That 1040-V issue is the Mill Levy. The Bible says the millstone is cast into the sea never to be heard again. So, by oral order there can be no tax assessment made. It must come by original endorsement by someone who can author the assessment under the penalty of perjury-thus the 1040 Record of Tax Return. The 1040-V is the method of direct pay to the Treasury. That is the payment voucher and the assessment of the money order/bill used as the agency forward sales contract taxed into maturity by the tax loss write-off that must be taken on the agency contract-bond. That assessment (tax) made on an issue did not result from a court “hearing”. But since the millstone is cast into the sea never to be heard again, that can mean only that the sea still being a public pool would have to be the (Re) public (private from 1040). Thus the new venue or the (Re) venue-i.e. Republic. The new contract (new Testament) or the tax (re) fund.
  1. So, I don’t think we need Xerox copies to keep track of how we use 1040-V to pay our bills with. When we get a bill, we just write on the bill-Pay to the United States Treasury and fill out the 1040-V and include therewith addressing the letter to a real person at that address. If there is no specific, direct it to a supervisor of the account, because that might need to be redone by using a agency head one can find in public records, like maybe the Secretary of State who is “in charge” of business registration! That person will be who will be responsible on their personal 1040.
  2. I have been taking bills and writing Pay to the US Treasury on the bill and on the envelope it came in (I send everything back with a 1040-V therewith). Some of the bills come with $300 penalty for private use on the face of the envelope. I just write-Pay to the United States Treasury on the face of the envelope and send it back with the contents inside as said above, of course!
  3. This method should reduce the copies needed as I only need to write the name of who I taxed on 1040-V, the date and amount. That sure reduces the copies I need.
  4. We might need to have you do copies for us if we need any. Right now the ones we need are 1040-V, but if you copy any for us, you might put 3 on a sheet, as we don’t need to send the instructions along when we tax the bill. More later!
  5. Dear Art, 9-19-06 I got your letter of 9/13/06, today, and will try to get this in the mail for tomorrow’s pick-up. You were mainly talking to an “agent provocateur” who was trying to disguise himself as a bill collector; and was trying to raise a new issue to off-set his liability on the 1040-V.
  6. First of all, the 1040-V you gave him/them assessed the tax on the bill that accelerated the agency into tax loss write-off. The 1040-V not only assess the tax, thereon, but, also, pays the amount of the bill into the Treasury.
  7. The 1040-V assessment puts an end to agency/corporation in the matter. You could tell anyone calling you about it, that if they still are trying to collect on the bill, it must have been a double indemnity…so, you will send him 1040-V to cover the additional amount, plus a $300 Penalty for Private use.
  8. The 1040-V (payment voucher) carries with it the money order (bill) for what is paid into the Treasury. The 1040-V is the tax assessment that accelerates all the agency forward sales agreements/contracts (that consist of all bonds and securities that mature upon assessment). But, an agency cannot take, or issue, a tax loss write-off without a 1040 tax assessment, in fact. Also, since the bible says the millstone is cast into the sea never to be heard, again. (must be seen and not heard—i.e. invoice)—thus, the 1040-V on the bill.
  9. So, again, I say, the 1040-V tax assessment accelerates the agency forward sales contracts/agreements/bonds, etc. into time-to-maturity for delivery (surrender of collateral in 3 days (72 hours). Failure to surrender puts the Withholding into the hands of the agent ex officio, who is voluntarily holding Federal withholding…which is your taxed income. It is no longer taxable income and, it is contraband if it is still in possession of the collector. The item is taxed via the 1040-V (the same is assessed by the 1040-V given, and taxes the bill/money order into the Treasury at the same time). So, you might write $300 on each bill (penalty for private use) and assess the tax on that in addition to the amount on the bill, and be sure to include that additional $300 on the 1040-V, too. Doing it that way doesn’t get that amount on 1099-OID for accounting on a regular 1040 for tax refund, but that could be summed up at the end of the calendar year and entered on the Regular 1040 for that purpose. But, then, IRS will have that info and one could, probably, use a letter to request they credit that amount to the refund as they should have a record of what was paid in. If the withholder has not paid the amount in…he violates his own conscience under penalty of perjury.
  10. The, too, if the collector admits your claim is your personal income on his 1040, then the original claim taxed was a civil claim of his own and not one of agency in the first place. So, he has a crisis in how he reports his 1040 under penalty of perjury. How is he going to explain how he obtained a personal claim to your property when he can’t rely on “probable cause assumed in a criminal forum?” Remember, the mill stone is cast into the sea never to be heard, again, so if his 1040 cannot assess a tax, and you put his agency (assumption) out of business with a 1040-V assessment, in fact, then where is his basis to tax or assess you to pay a bill he, himself, is liable on? (He has none, and is trying to drag you into some controversy he can reduce to [a] paper invoice as the assumed tax assessment. So, you need to keep doing 1040-V assessing on every item they press on you, or accuse you of. They, also, like to repeat themselves, over and over, again, to get an offsetting offer to keep pressing you. So, keep plenty of 1040-V Forms handy to make your return(s) to them, immediately. And, if they haven’t had a $300 penalty for private use in the account, yet, then write $300 on
  11. No matter with what Ethel is doing, she needs to put the 1040-V assessment on the mortgage to accelerate their contracts all into tax loss write-off, and ask for the bill with, “pay to the United States Treasury” so it is, thereby, included with the amount of the bill on the 1040-V Payment Voucher. The release of securities (3 days). If that assessment is not made, then there is no Republican Form to recognize the claim on the property. She might need to put the $300 Penalty for Private Use into assessment on the person who is pressing the mortgage foreclosure, to make sure the Penal Bond is accelerated into tax loss. (This area is a bit vague to us. This is where I have prodded JR into pursuing the Coroner to see if that is where they have tried to construct the barrier against our assessing the tax on that real estate mortgage) I am pursuing that bond on the Chief Judge from Becker County, MN as $30,000. He has just gotten the 1040-V mailed to him, yesterday.
  12. Anyone who calls you about collecting a bill, like you mention in your letter, you should make the 1040-V return to that person, who sent it to you, with: Pay to the United States Treasury written on the face of the bill and with $300 Penalty for Private Use, therewith, written somewhere, thereon, and included in the 1040-V amount. Then you assess the $300 as your income and as a penalty that goes with the bill. No need to sign your name anywhere. Then, when you get a call, like you did, you tell him you paid that amount into the Treasury. You sent your money order with a 1040-V Payment Voucher to the United States Treasury in care of the name of the collector who gave you the bill. You even assessed the tax on the penalty for private use to enable the Treasury to recognize him (the collector) being accountable on the bill. (I think the $300 is the foundation for the Coroner’s bond being the penal bond at 1% leverage as a credit derivative!

186, By the time the collector realizes what you are telling him, he is going to want to stop the conversation ASAP because he is being assessed on an invoice (1040-V that he can’t escape. Besides, you can tell him you sent him the payment along with the Payment Voucher. What more does he want? If he has another claim, tell him as soon as you get the bill in the mail you will proceed to pay it by tax return in the mail, immediately. Be sure he spells his name to you correctly and gives you his correct mailing address, which you can compare to the bill arriving in the mail.

  1. The reason the collector will want to stop the conversation is because he knows he is making a claim that is assumed as a tax assessment against you; but, as soon as he realizes that you are actually assessing the tax, in fact, via 1040-V, he knows the actual tax gets assessed by you putting it into an invoice (writing) 1040-V, and, it is an actual tax, now.…whereas, before, he knew his assumed accusation actually makes no tax assessment; and the real assessment on 1040-V does tax the issue into the Treasury to render it -0-. Thus, he is exposed for the fraud he is!
  2. Dear Art, 09/21/06 After I got pretty will caught up with my correspondence that needed to get out before the weekend set in, I am going back to your post card of 9-11-06 where you wanted another explanation of acceleration of the forward sales contracts. You mentioned Acceptance, first, as if that was the accelerator, so let me start over, again.
  3. It is the tax assessment on the 1040 that accelerates agency/corporation forward sales contracts/agreements (bonds, notes, loans, securities, etc.) into time maturity tax loss write-off in ordinary time (the tax loss write-off is negative payment in return to the source—i.e., Treasury) You are taxing the bill as your personal income—thus the return to the source is the New Venue called RE-venue. The same is RE-fund or RE-public. It is the tax assessment of the agency bill that disposes of the agency, and the funds emerge in tax recovery as a re-fund or re-public, where the private status is recognized in the Record of the 1040.
  4. The tax assessments made in the 1040 bring an end to the Democracy, and the Republican Forum is in charge of tax recovery. The 1040 Court of Record is an Article III court with judgment in tax assessment. Statutory claims contrary notwithstanding.
  5. There are other 1040 forms, such as 1040-V and 1040-ES and some others. These that cause payment to be made to the Treasury are all 1040 tax assessments and are taxing the bill or holder of the bill to Pay to the United States Treasury. I am not sure if the 1040-V or 1040-ES can cause a tax refund, or not, without summarizing all the 1040-V and 1040-ES forms used and entering their amounts on a regular 1040 to request the tax refund. Using just the 1040-V, for instance, taxes the agency out of existence, but I don’t know if those funds can be RE-public Revenue without the 1040 tax refund calling it out in tax recovery. We will have to see when we start to file the 2006 Form 1040 after Dec. 31st. That time is rapidly approaching.
  6. You mentioned the Coroner and Chief Judge letter, but all I can say right now, is that I have a copy of the complaint used to arrest me, where the judge signed the place on the complaint/indictment/supplement for a $30,000 bond (he is chief judge) and I took that page of the said instrument and wrote on it: ‘Pay to the United States Treasury’, and wrote OMB# 1545-0074, thereon, and sent it to him with a 1040-V for $30,000 in the Box. That’s all I figure to do, now.
  7. JR still has some letters out to the Coroner(s), so no determinations are made there, yet. You might simply write to the Coroner and ask for the geographical location for your resident’s lot/plot in the particular municipality you have a reservation as required by law regarding cemeteries. Don’t say anything else; and if he fails to answer you, then send him a W-9 with no other explanation as you need only to put your name and mailing address on the form as the Requester. Maybe later, we can design a letter to encourage him to reveal his bond and/or other financial arrangements he has to use your name. When he fails to answer your inquiry and/or fails to certify his ID number on the W-9, he has dishonoured you and, if nothing else, we can assess a $300 Penalty for Private Use he volunteered by withholding the information! That penalty goes with a 1040-V to tax the Penalty back to the source.
  8. Just use your common sense to write and ask that simple question. Don’t make other insulations in your letter(s); and, you might ask the same to the funeral homes.
  9. We are not really using Form 1099-B, yet, because we use 1040-V with $300 Penalty for Private Use written on items we receive that have no value stated, thereon; and they seem to take care of that situation for now. You, probably, have seen some of this in G.P. court action.
  10. JR is contemplating drafting a U.S. Supreme Court action, ex rel, to bring charges of Treason and Piracy that carry the death penalty—the Administrative Democracy has pretty much done away with the statutory penalties for treason but under the Republic the charges can be brought vial the Constitution, and it is the 1040 tax assessment that does away with the agency (statutory) and leaves the Republican Form in the Article III Record of 1040. Thus, the judgment is in the 1040 and the orders can be given to the U.S. Marshal to enforce that judgment to punish Treason and Piracy. Using the 1040-V to tax the bill for the filing fee to file with the Supreme Court should, then and there, set the subject matter jurisdiction in Admiralty to enforce the Judgment and Orders of the Republic established with the tax on the bill for the fee (that fee is eligible for a tax RE-fund, thus a RE-public). 20
  11. You might pay special attention to what Congress says about Time to Maturity Acceleration of Time. The term they use to refer to a Republican Form, as apart or opposed to Administrative Agency, is: they [Congress] Ordain the Statute. That means reference to ordinary time, and the agency is notwithstanding in the Republican Form (IMF RE-fund)(a small claim). The agency cannot exist in ordinary time—the same is ordained !
  12. One has entered the sanctuary…the 1040, by confession of sins (tax liability)…and the trip to the Republic has begun. Three (3) days (72 hours) for the temple (body) to be raised up, again… returned in tax recovery).
  13. 9-27-06 Dear Art & E. I can see at first glance why you are having trouble figuring who is the Payer and Recipient. You keep mentioning if GMAC is Payer and General Motors Chevrolet Division as Recipient. Actually, neither one of them can be either. You need to get the name of the person who signs or executes the instruments. Fictions can’t possess anything. Also, you don’t need to try to figure out which fiction pays out credit…because fictions don’t have any. The credit must come from someone who has an SS#.
  14. If you were to apply to GMAC for credit, the application you are using is: applying your credit to the transaction, not asking for their credit. They don’t have any! You are applying the available resources to the occasion and not bowing and scraping to beg for their credit (they don’t have any). So, once you start looking at a deal from this standpoint, you look for the actual person who has capacity to have his own credit and/or who can withhold taxable income. That is the internal contract you are going to bind to the transaction. To set out to do this, you ask the dealership salesperson to make you an offer. Maybe not ask that way, but simply ask what the Suggested Retail is, and ask for a print-out of that window price listing the options, therewith, and write up the deal for all the options including license and enough insurance to drive off the lot. That means the registration fees to be sure the vehicle is in your name before you drive away with it. If they want you to fill out the credit application, you can probably do that, and make sure the amount of credit covers the entire price—including the Cash Back amount so that they must give you a check to drive away. (the Cash Back is one of the options). Now, when they want a check or credit card to pay the down payment, or otherwise, or if the GMAC application covers the entire contract, they will want something from you to guarantee the credit. That’s when you give them the 1099-OID with the salesman’s name on it; and, also give them the 1040-V as the payment voucher, therewith. (the 1099-OID Recipient copy should be given to whoever is responsible to release the car to you). The salesman will probably give you the name of his boss. Put his name on the deal as Payer and put the salesman as Recipient, or vice versa…I don’t think it makes much difference. Then, the 1040-V is what accelerates the agency into time to maturity tax loss write-off and you are, now, dealing privately with those two persons; and, they have the payment voucher for settlement.
  15. The reason the 1040-V payment voucher is settlement is because it assesses the bill they gave you for the deal (credit included) and that assessment causes the agency tax loss…, which is negative payment to the source (Treasury). You are taxing the bill for exchange! So, the bill is then the money order to pay to the United States Treasury. When you sign the acceptance contract, write on it somewhere: “Pay to the United States Treasury”.
  16. Dear Art, 10/12/06 I don’t need to write so small, anymore,[referring to a prior letter he wrote on 10-6-06 from the “hole” with a tiny pen; and written in very small script to cram the writing onto the limited paper]since your envelopes and pad caught up with me, thank Heaven. Your notes, therewith, pose the question of what to do with a bill that has no name and no signature on it. Obviously, someone sent you a bill that wasn’t signed and no person’s name [ws] on it. First of all a comment about the simplest way. Write, “Pay to the United States Treasury”, and send that with the 1040-V back to the person who sent it to you. The 1040-V is M.O. than a payment voucher for a return (to Treasury), it is, also, an assessment (tax) on that bill; therefore, the agency of issue is accelerated into tax loss write-off. It is the real person you sent it to whose conscience is bound by the tax assessment, because you had his/her name and [you] did in fact send it whether or not they want to acknowledge that or not. Now, it’s a matter of conscience and that person may try [to] send it back but, in doing so [it] is, probably, [gotten to be] a new offer that looks like a rejection of the old one. But, don’t be fooled. They are trying to unburden their conscience with an offsetting personal offer. So, you just take the envelope they sent you, leaving all the items in the envelope and writing, thereon, “Pay to the United States Treasury”, fill out a 1040-V for the amount of the offer (probably the amount of the old bill) and put them all in another envelope and send back to that person. As the ante continues to climb [grow] each time they will soon get the idea (because they must face this matter on their 1040 tax return the next time they file; and under the penalty of perjury, how can they answer on [that] 1040?
  17. Everyone who is trying to make them acknowledge receipt [of their mailings] etc, is trying to fit this into agency accounting, and the matter is conscience—and there is no record except in the conscience. Those agencies that choose to cooperate could hypothecate a statement for their supervisor to show what happens but, where you are dealing directly with pirates and their plundered spoils, you are going to have to treat them, like [said] above, as the most economical way for us. It’s usually easier for us to give them a 1040-V tax assessment, return [bill], and voucher [money order][ Quick Fix] than it is for them to keep pressing new offsetting offers onto us. He who is most persistent wins!
  18. As long as everyone is going to great lengths to try to keep proof records, they are going to act like I stated, above. I suppose one could send IRS a copy of what you sent to the principal but I don’t think you will gain anything. I, really don’t care if the pirate chooses to violate his conscience or not. I just move on. If another bill comes, they get another 1040-V tax assessment. That 1040-V tax assessment is the highest judgment there is. The OMB#1545-0074, thereon, probably doesn’t have [any] record of the 1040-V filed unless you, maybe, choose to give them a copy of the same but, even if they have the entry, it doesn’t enforce anything UNTIL the supervisor [to whom you sent the Quick Fix] chooses to file Form 1040, or not. 21

Either way here, he commits perjury if he fails to make settlement. It’s a self-inflicted contract for Aids. The death certificate will then connect you your 1040-V social security number at that point through the 1545-0074 OMB number.

  1. If those other options with the money order, therewith, work, then I see nothing wrong here to use them. But, be sure you mail them to a person at the IRS, too, and not just the agency.
  2. There may be a way to get another real name to assess the tax on. You could put a purchase order into a stock broker or banker for a CD, etc. and take your bill and write on it, “Pay to the United States Treasury’, and give that to the broker for settlement with the 1040-V. Then you have a real responsible party. The bill is payment of his agency liability because corporate liabilities are assets to us. They are opposites. The bill you use could come from anywhere that has capacity to give [it] to a collector. I did this with a credit card # on a Purchase Order. When the merchant came back with his letter telling me to pay the bill because the credit card company refused to pay, I simply wrote on the bill, ”Pay to the United States Treasury”, and sent it to the person who sent it to me. That way I got a real name to send [reply]. It was sent with a 1040-V, of course. As far as the bill and money order are concerned, where you were saying there was no SS#, your SS# is on the 1040-V. The agency [or corporation] giving you the bill is unlikely to have a SS# for you.
  3. Regarding the absence of a coroner, or no answer for an existing one, you might need to find out what agency is doing the duties of Coroner. If they had an official listing and fail to answer, then the County Attorney is the person to answer the letter. Their being vague about disclosing who or where the Coroner is [located] is pretty good evidence they are hiding something.
  4. If you need something [an amount] for value of the bond to assess on the 1040-V, you have the $300 Penalty for Private Use.
  5. When you write to the County Attorney you might just give him a short note telling him you are re-directing the Coroners letter to him as he is the obvious supervisor. (his portfolio is draped in a Black Flag)
  6. With what I have already sent to you, and with this, you should be able to move ahead with this. Other contributors in the meantime might give some positive direction!
  7. I have a fellow I need to answer some questions for. His name is Al Riley, 3L Therapy Distributors, 2310 w 41st Street, Suite 101, Sioux Falls, SD 57105. He might shed some light on these matters, too. He has a number of 1040-V successes with IRS. He needs some help with some that I think will be pretty easy to solve.
  8. 10-19-06 Dear Art, I got your new supply of envelopes, yesterday. I don’t know if I answered all your questions in what I sent out. I was busy with correspondence to Sal and GP, and others, for some details you will, no doubt, be aware of by the time you get this from me; but that will probably give you some idea for the questions you had that I might not have covered. I did notice one outstanding question you posed: How do you get names to mail to? If it is agency, just get a directory for that agency, get the/a name and put it on the envelope or letter, etc. with the address from which you received it. Now, when using a 1040-V, you have bound the persons’ conscience as a reportable 1040 transaction. His agency must take the tax loss because of the 1040 tax assessment you made by giving him the 1040-V with your ‘return’ (of the bill) and written, thereon, “Pay to the United States Treasury”. Even where the agency letter says, “This is not a bill”, it may not be a bill but, it is an offer that still has value as stated, thereon. It is still a delinquent tax that needs to return to the source.
  9. I am still in the hole (H Block) until 25 October. But, that could be lengthened because they still have another charge they wish to bring on me, but they have, also, indicated that charge might hold for time served concurrent with the others. Then, the 25th would still be the day of release. These are charges that only pertain to losing privileges in this administration. So, there isn’t too much they can do. One important thing about this is, the fact of a charge to the H Block is a charge that I think connects to the Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Miller Act Bonds, and US Bonds. The reason no connection might not be made, otherwise, is when Probable Cause is assumed there is no factual connection until one is charged, here, in H Block, for instance. So I, probably, will have a hearing, tomorrow, and I will have them put my 1040 into evidence of the case. That should connect all the revenue, in fact, that, otherwise, eludes us because the credit used has no factual connection to the INTERNAL Revenue…except through H BLOCK, here. So, I am going to put my 1040 into evidence, here, to insure the factual connection.
  10. H Block, one can figure, is BLOCKED [in a black box] credit and the same is piracy. They take it as a prize in Admiralty Court from what I can see. That’s why the 1099-OID Recipient copies have a BLACK BOX around the amount of withholding. It is in the hands of pirates, that’s why. That is, also, why this facility was flying a BLACK FLAG on its flagpole then, all of a sudden we find out, since these charges were brought against three (3) of us, who were doing the tax returns, the flag is flying no longer. So, something has happened.
  11. I think the tax refund the IRS is showing is the Pirated Accounts that were flying under a Black Flag; and the 1040/1099-OID/1096 is a Letter of Marque and Reprisal! Notice the Re-prize al is like re-fund or re-venue, etc. So, when they took the Black Flag down they must recognize we are taking the Bonds/Vessels as a prize! We will just have to wait and see, now.
  12. I wonder if BB had her student file 1040 and, thereby, enter it into his case in evidence by serving it on the Prosecutor, if that wouldn’t take care of the matter. It’s the 1040 that does the job on them—not the 1099.
  13. So, this Hole (whole) business hampers my writing some, so bear with me until this is finished and then a few days to get re-adjusted into the dorm life, again. But, this experience might hold some answers for where and how to make connection of the charges that, otherwise, escape us. 22
  14. 10-23-06 Dear Art, I got your envelope with the tablet and other letters, etc. This might be rather short as I am going to try to get this in the mail, yet. I am still in H Block but posted to get out the 25th…except, tomorrow, I have a hearing of some kind that may or may not extend my stay here 15 days, at most, I think.
  15. JR got the extra 15 days, I hear. These administrative hearings can only take privileges, and there are so few of those that they don’t have anything to take except time from population. So, I will try to get, maybe, a postcard out, tomorrow, and let you know the verdict.
  16. I am OK for envelopes and writing pads for a while. The writing pads will last me along while.
  17. Your mention of how to identify a payer or recipient should be easy enough. You know who they are when you get a bill or statement for the company or agency that gave you a name of a living person who has a SS#, then you need to start looking at directories that give names of the CEO’s, etc. and use those. Or else, write to the Secretary of State in your state and ask for the name of the one who registered to do business by that particular artificial name. If you strike out there, then use the Secretary of State for the Recipient and, maybe, the company name as Payer. You could use your own name as Payer, too. Another alternative is ask the IRS for a contact person and TIN#. Send the 1040-V to that person if the company/agency won’t provide a name. But, don’t sent it to IRS if you don’t have a real person name.
  18. Then, you mention GP was told his remedy is in the District Court. That is because the claims that are being pursued are held under a Black Flag of pirates. The issue is a prize case—thus, Admiralty! So, let’s discuss this now. When you receive a bill or statement from agency, etc., or, write and ask for one, you are making inquiry about the particulars and, when you ask for the corresponding 1099-OID, you are giving them a “Letter of Marque and Reprisal”. When you follow through with a 1040 assessment, whether 1040 or 1040-V, that assessment is what makes it a tax issue; and when you look at the 1099-OID form you find that Copy B has a Black Border around the Federal Withholding [in a black box]. This denotes the Black Flag carrying the account as a prize. Therefore, it takes a Reprisal to take the prize from them and, of course, with the 1099-OID filed, the 1040-V is the move to “take delivery” of the prize and make Pay to the United States Treasury. Now, it’s a prize held by the Treasury. Now, the District Court can issue its order to pay out the prize to its owner. And the district court in Admiralty could, also, be ruling from the tax court as will, could it not when the 1040, 1099-OID, 1096and 1040-V are put into evidence by serving the US attorney or, maybe, the bankruptcy trustee for the pirates.
  19. One wants to consider that Copy A and Copy C of the 1099-OID do not have a Black Box around the Federal Withholding box. Only Copy B does, and that is the copy that goes to the Recipient. So, that is the prize you are looking for to Pay to the United States Treasury taking the prize by a Letter of Marque and reprisal (re-prize). Now, it is up to the District Court of Admiralty to Pay the Prize out to the owner. It is the 1040/1040-V/1099-OID/1096 that is the Court of Record by which the prize is identified. It is, also, the Letter of Marque and Reprisal being the Record of the taking of the prize! Maybe that explanation will shorten the methods everyone is looking to recapture their plundered property.
  20. 7-1-06 Dear E, I got your letter yesterday and have read all your material and letter, so I will try to get your letter answered with as much meaningful information as I can.
  21. I am much better with the itching staph infection, but there are still some lingering effects that are a little uncomfortable but for the most part are nearly gone. I think I have it licked! I’ll have some things to say about that when I am free of this detention.
  22. You addressing the 1099 OID as you did seems to be right in line with my thinking. When exhausting administrative/state remedy by their dishonor, that is the point of entry into the international agreement (venue) or revenue! (Tax recovery!)
  23. When you speak of a Deed of Trust, do you refer to that as a mortgage? In my understanding, the Deed of Trust has 3 parties to that agreement. A trustor, trustee, and beneficiary. How are the terms lender and issuer to be viewed? It is my understanding that it is the trustor who names the trustee and beneficiary to the trust. Then the matter is between trustee and beneficiary from then on. If a lender has come on the scene with a deal between him and the trustee, for monetary value, where did the original issue come from and how did you and your property become obligated to the lender? You had to have ownership of the property before a mortgage could be put on the property, and, I will bet the mortgage will refer to the surrender of assets to the lender if payments get behind. But, the house itself is not the “asset” they refer to for surrender. It is the contract itself that has the surrender value –not the house. The house is only listed close by so that inexperienced eyes assume the assets refer to the house, when they, in fact, are reference to the contract itself. Simply put the question to them, that when you obtained the mortgage (your trustee did) you had to own the house to put a mortgage on it, did you not? Then how did the lender acquire ownership of the house when the contract itself is the asset that you have returned to him for that value! (Acceptance and return for value!) That being the fact of the matter probably won’t stop their game but you might put it to them and see. At least this is on alternative you have.
  24. But as I read further down in your letter, it looks like the Trustee and lender might be one and the same person and you might ask them for the account the original issue funds came from to pay for any position contrary to yours in the house, and remind them that those funds are taxable income and you want to see the Individual and/or Corporate Income Tax Return to show who can vouch for any claim on your house. Without those items and their refusal to produce them it is safe to conclude they don’t exist, except if they insist you owe them anything, then they are withholding from you which is taxable income reportable on 1099 OID and assessed on 1040 as your personal income that is pre-paid in the issue returned to the source on 1099 OID for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS#). 23
  25. The amount they say is still owed should go on the 1099 OID as original issue and is Federal Withholding, but you also want to list the checks they gave you as original issue, but not Federal withholding because you are the recipient of those funds. But the original issue of those funds are still reported as your personal income, but are not in Federal withholding.
  26. `Then you mention the funds you have paid in over the years. I would say to put those on another 1099 OID apart from what is above but sum up those years on one form 1040 and put an itemized list to describe them with your 1040 when you enter the 1099’s on lie 64. The itemized list can sum up the particular years into this last year to bring them current.
  27. Since I am not quite clear on the relationship of lender and trustee, let me say; that, the Fore closure is a prior event that the escrow agent (whoever he was) at the time of original issue, is delinquent in paying out the escrow, to close the escrow, at the 1st instance. If there happens to be a Foreclosure Order (a Bill) to pay the amount accrued in the mortgage, then inform the trustee the prior event of Fore closure is delinquent and a priority to hold the Lender or escrow agent in contempt of that prior Fore closure Order. You might give them a letter to that effect to let them know you intend to bring them into Federal Tax Court for examination of the records of this matter and the tax returns that show whose income is in fact reported or not reported in that alleged mortgage or are the funds still in the possession and withheld by the trustee or lender, the same being a priority and breach of trust. (it is pre-paid!).
  28. You might let them know you want immediate settlement on the issue, because; you are bringing your tax returns (Federal) current and that deficiency will then be reported to the IRS as a delinquent tax owed by the delinquent escrow agent and his confederates by their failure to close in the beginning. Your bringing tax returns current will mark the bills, they gave you as evidence of withholding, otherwise non-existent funds, except, they assumed the use of your own credit via your SS#, thus the mortgage was and is pre-paid by virtue of the credit derivative they used to fund the mortgage in the 1st place, but the escrow agent failed to pay out the escrow in foreclosure. Fore means the prior/priority event. If the trustee is not the same as the lender, then identify him as a middleman and recipient who has those funds withheld in his possession that is a Federal Withholding by virtue of the 1099 OID being a Federal Tax Form etc., and you will have assessed the same (self assessment) as your personal income in your 1040 tax return. The 1040 is to return the tax to you. The 1099 OID carries the issue back to the source so a tax refund can issue.
  29. If you decide to list the bills they gave you over the years on 1099 OID and 1040, the amount you paid them should also be listed, as your personal income, as both debit and credit accrue to your account as net worth. They are added together for that. Then it becomes One World “money” Order. This is probably expressed by Brokers in their use of what they call “Straddles”. They are using both credit and debits put into one Certificate of Security for sale. Then their use of a “Tranche” seems to be the same equivalent but is vertical integration rather than horizontal (left and right or credit and debit). Vertical movement up or down does not move in time. Time is calculated horizontally east and west/right or left. There is another horizontal movement that does not travel in the time zone. That is movement fore and aft, which is a maritime/admiralty term, but for one to view the account thereof, the eyewitness thereof is looking at ground –0- (zero). I don’t think the Admiralty can be anything different as there is no right or left, east or west, up or down. The –0- axis is common to the horizontal time zone and the vertical but only when resting at ground –0-. (Is this what –0- financing of autos really means?). Is the 4th dimension the sum of these three –0-‘s in calling Lazarus to come Fourth from the grave? Are these the Three Wise Men? Did scriptures say 3 came from the east? I don’t think a particular number was given, except to say; a star in the east led them to the place of birth. So, the –0- seems to sit on the east/right side of the decimal point, which is a metric number, whereas the O on the west or left is a capital letter – thus it might represent Oxygen rising up to heaven when the bottomless pit is opened and the smoke rises therefrom (oxygen therewith). Also note here that Oxygen is separated from Hydrogen ( H 2 O for water.) The 2 is a dwarf, the same as the 1 given above for Oxygen. But when the O for oxygen stands alone the dwarf 1 is understood but is absent. Is this the same thing that occurs in withholding? O then means one part of oxygen, a single atom from the atom or nuclear family? So, here we are looking at the ph to balance electron connections of the 7 basic elements when cells begin to divide and multiply. The balance is the ratio between acid and alkaline to remain at rest. (Is the rest sometimes spelled with 2 R’s like arrest – a class a rest?) Is this not a similar description of a beginning new life by dividing and multiplying given in the book of Genesis? But too, there are some of these descriptions given in the Book of Revelations also.
  30. Another dimension that needs to be mentioned here is the capacity of the beneficiary to the Deed of Trust. A beneficiary inherits only after death of someone leaving a Will. And a Will only has power after death of the testator. Are we not in probate of the Will of Jesus Christ who is dead and has risen and did he not give his promise to pay the debts of those who confess those debts? Are you named as beneficiary on the Deed of Trust? If so, then your awareness of that promise to pay should accelerate the Mortgage payments all due NOW! Because it is a risen lord that redeems the judgment. It is Jesus Christ who goes down into the Pit – the mill levy assessment 1000 years etc. It is Christ Jesus who rises up from the pit after the 1000 years when traveling at the speed of light (children of light) does this not happen in the twinkling of an eye? (2nd coming).
  31. Notice that the Name is last name first on the return to earth. Did he not fall on the earth a felon and he lives in the heart and soul of he/she who says he lives in them? Anyway this should help you to comment the date and get your tax returns current. It is the IRS that is the regulator of internal revenue; – the new venue or revenue in tax recovery. The public revenue is tax delinquent and one must have a license to have it in possession, but when you identify that taxable income assessed on 1040 as yours, then the IRS must go after the thief who withheld from you, or the one who executed a 24

contract and killed the straw man and needs a whole new accrued amount restored via a tax refund. Were there not both a murderer and a thief crucified with Christ on the cross. Is that not the double cross in the bank as a cashier and Trust Company? Was that not the Capital Hill of Calvary?

  1. Did not the water (H2O) and blood (1099) drain out of the body of Christ from the cross and go to the ground –0- (zero), but did the O therefrom not rise to heaven? (zero and O are not the same – but to look at them they look the same).
  2. Notice the water and blood went to the ground and not to the earth or dust. Did not the O rise up from the ground (dust from dust and ashes from ashes) leaving the dust and ashes behind and rising with the smoke and separating therefrom as they rise. The ashes soon fall to earth in conization(?), purified by their electronic character drawn into the electronic fields that are white unto harvest. Is this a white light of a radio band or bond? — Waves and particles traveling in or on omnipotent energy? Thus the omni? When ground is mentioned above, is this not a reference a ground wire connecting to the structure of a space craft or similar reference? Like the ground were in your electric cords for your household appliances?
  3. Your question for whether to file on the original note or not, I would say YES, because, the escrow agent(s) have never closed the escrow. It is open from the 1st day. So, all is accrued to your account as your personal income when you list all on the 1099 OID and assess the same on the 1040. It is all your credit they use – its pre-paid. (Is that not the Filling of the Holy Ghost that’s done?) You know what the scripture says about those who deny the Holy Ghost. It is the truth of the matter that counts! Does not the state license all those entities and must stand the Risk in Management for the withholding ex-O-ffico? And when first pledged to the U.S. the state falls under the Superintendent of the Federal Project (credit policy ie; public policy) and is subject to Federal Tax Form 1099 OID on those issues for return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS#). Just identify them with the best information and estimate you have as pertains to tax IRS claims you owe, you need to get the name of who gave you the bill and did not give you a check to pay it with and thereby admits withholding, a Federal Withholding Ex-Officio. That is a voluntary withholding act by an individual in employ of the IRS, so that’s who is listed as the recipient on that account. Who was the one who first gave you an assessment of the withholding at Social Security? Get the name of whoever is closest to that source. Whoever is in charge of the office where you first applied for SS, or the Commissioner of SS etc. They should be named as an individual as the recipient. I m not sure how a corporate name would work there, but being the IRS as an organization doesn’t answer correspondence then you need a name of a person who will need to confess the claim on a tax return to continue a contrary claim, to the 1099 OID. They then commit perjury when that happens. (Its their contract for aids).
  4. It is the Tax Court that is a court of record Article III. That is where the 1040 assesses the taxable income that is in product one uses a certificate of title to identify.
  5. You mention offshore, by the bank going international. But them going international is when they demurrer or refuse your request and dishonor you – that is the offshore or international agreement as they deny “it” is their admission of what is withheld. Whatever “it” is!
  6. When you list the money years accumulations of the funds paid into them, I think I would put each one on a separate 1099 OID as that probably identifies different entities and those then are put together and sent under a single 1096. Then it is the sum total of those that go on line 21 and thence to line 64 of the 1040. It is on the 1040 you might want to list particulars to help identify the issues of the 1099 OID’s. I see no need for filing more than one 1040. Everything can be summed up in a single 1040 I think. That brings all the delinquent years current. Once you have identified your personal income in all the issues the banks have claimed on interest in, then all the products they have used your credit (pre-paid) to all described therein –and enforceable in the tax court, an article III court of record. The Record being the 1040.
  7. So, it seems the Admiralty voice – so many like to take is limited to the O or the ground –0- zero I mentioned. But there is more to this but probably not applicable to what you address here. The optical view of a witness is closely related to electrical magnetic energy related to magnification in the optical – as this has to do with fore and aft. But the optic also has an upside-down view, but does not do this side by side as that goes horizontal. So, as you can see it would be a distraction to get into that.

PS – The Ohio Gov signed a bill that puts 1 year at 8 mos 13 days when that comes into use I am out of here!

PS – Something I should go over before I put this in the mail. When you list your income for the years past, be sure you list your social security both what you have been paid and what they withhold. What goes on line 21 is the entire amount owed to you on Original Issue, but what you were paid is shown to be the recipient so that amount is not in Federal withholding, but it is still your personal income. What you didn’t get paid is what is in Federal Withholding. You do the same thing with the checks they have given you pertaining to your mortgage the same way.

You need to list all products that your income proves you to be the owner that way. Thus the 1040 is the certificate of title and of record to your property. Without it you can’t prove you own it.

So, again I say: All your social security paid to you and, what was withheld is listed as Original Issue. But the amount not paid is withheld and goes into the Federal Withholding box on the 1099 OID form.

  1. Dear E: 07/31/06 Let me start to answer your letter by first saying you seem to be referring to accrual accounting relating to product inventory etc., after we have ordered product or received product maybe not ordered. Anyway, you seem to refer to credit in relation to discharge as opposed to paid. But a discharge cannot occur in fact, unless; the said item is first charged. That cannot happen as a matter of fact, because; the credit being charged by a lie (assumed probable cause) has no factual connection to carry a charge from one cell to another in ones body. (the body is chemistry). So, the credit assumeded by the “Agents Provocateur” accusers, who claim they have a “true bill” indictment or mortgage, etc., have assumed (your identity ss#) and used that as the investment capital (strawman) to create the product you are billed for. But this part being a part of an accrual does not connect the bill to the settlement or payment so to speak, because; the stolen use of one’s credit has served to create the product from a pool of mortgages that your credit has been co-mingled with that has almost no identification of the capital used, being yours, until the bill comes with your name on it. Now the user admits the accrued amount of the bill is yours in Fore closure. It is the prior closure they refer to. Thus the credit used therewith has yet to be charged. But the product driving from the Capital Invested was/is charged by the raw material, IN A BLOCKED GRANT, put into the crucible that produced the product, the same being prepaid! So, the funds from the credit first used, paid or pre-paid the product. But now, you get billed to settle the Foreclosure Order, the same being a pre-paid event by the capitalization of your credit to manufacture the product you are billed for. That Fore closure being a prior event – thus priority, that commands the first fruits of the investment until settlement occurs. Now, you should know what charges the bill to make it eligible for a discharge. Because, up to this point, the account has not been charged. The true bill indictments and mortgage foreclosures are alleged the accused is charged with the counts of indictment, but that accusation is a lie because, the devils advocates (the lawyers) have made the alleged charge withholding and they lie – thus a withholding HOLD goes on the accused because of the absence of a “charge”! The electronic circuits (escrows) are held open because the electro magnetic lock on the city (municipal gate) is open and it takes a charge of magnetic energy to pull the gate/switch of the circuit closed to enable the charge to return to its source. (To the Treasury Direct to your SS#.)
  1. Now we get to the charge. So, we report the bill as a delinquent tax or taxable income, voluntarily withheld, until taxed back to the source by the 1099-OID etc. But that taxable income is still not charged, because; no one knows whose income the taxable income is. So, it takes a 1040 tax return to assess the taxable as your own personal income – and that confession and assessment CHARGES the tax. Just because the forked tongues refer to they collecting taxable income doesn’t mean those funds are charged with tax revenue. It only means they are taxable by the person whose name appears on the bill. So, without the 1040 assessment the tax is not charged to close the circuit in discharge of the escrow agent’s obligation to write his check to pay the seller in discharge of his obligation thereon.
  2. So, now you can see the tax is the charge that closes the circuit of the administrative hold to enable charged settlement to pass into the Treasure Direct via your SS#. The administrative hold (withholding) is maintained when there is no charge to close the circuit/switch to allow the charge (the tax) to pass into the treasury. It is the open circuit or open escrow that enables the administration to maintain the administrative hold on prisoners. (The voluntary withholding of taxable income) This is what is reportable on 1099-OID and 1040.
  3. So, when we file Federal Tax Form 1099-OID and return the issue to the source via Federal Withholding and then issue IRS our Money Order with the 1040-voucher, the Money Order charges the escrow agent, or rather instructs the IRS to charge the escrow agent to pay or discharge his obligation to issue his check to the seller (lender) etc. So, it app-ears that the act of the escrow agent issuing his check both charges the escrow in discharge of his duty and it is the sellers cashing of the check that discharges the negative charge resulting in –0- balance in the bank account itself. (When the check comes back to the account to be cancelled!)
  4. Any of those conditions you mention as some interest others have in the account are all offers withheld as taxable income, so there is nothing that qualifies to show any other interest amount against the Original Issue Discount – That opposing amount is –0-, so all the principal expressed in the bill is reportable 100%. Thus the accrual is –00- balance. The charge is equal to the bill. One is negative and other is positive (given that quality by 1040 assessment) thus the accrued balance. (the ph). The tax is the charge and the bill is the accrual of that charge. They are drawn together by magnetic energy as found in electrons binding other electrons of intersecting orbits etc. Is this the omnipotent the bible refers to? The omni being the energy in the computer circuits and the basis for the Omnibus Crime Bill. Is this the same PH balance in my staph infection causing me to battle those elements within my own body – the same being deliberate infections caused by administrative staff spelled with a Ph? Is not the staph infection the result of consuming corrupted elements forced upon us by unholy and evil men who know not what they do? By forcing us to use the corrupt exchange “debt”, by assuming our agreement, when in fact we do/did not agree. But it is the 1040 (the holy ground) that charges the bill they give us? Is this not Fore giving them by giving them the charges to pay the sellers what they demand. And now, what do you think is going to happen to those who pass and receive those charged funds when they must confess the transaction on their own 1040 under the penalty of perjury?
  5. The Fore giving is paying the Fore closure, a prior and priority event. This cannot be paid with a Federal Reserve Note as that is a future event and evidence of speculation and gambling, which is a reportable event for the family of 1099s.
  6. So, in that respect, backdating market options for CEOs to use a low stock price, to compose to now, as a future event of that option issue, might be an attempt to use that option to get a set-off on a Foreclosure. Is the option taken at the date the mortgage was given? (But it is still a delinquent tax.) Anyway, these ideas are only our own speculation now. But might apply to more complex events as our affairs move on.
  7. You mention our credit used in the first instant, where you assume your signature creates the credit. That is not the case. The credit from your account is assumed and also assumed to be charged when in fact it is not. Are you thinking your signature on the mortgage is the credit extended? That signature is a guarantee the strawman will pay in the future. But that is a lie because it is speculation in a gambling casino regulated by the state – whose representative stands in the holy place pretending to be god! So, the promise to pay in the mortgage is the promise of the Lender to “pay” or fund the mortgage. He has not done this, as the accrued amount of the mortgage has been separated and sold into the securities market. Then an Order (Money Order) is issued to Fore close. It is that Fore closure order the Lender is in contempt of, because; he has breached the promise to pay, and duped you into thinking you had signed that promise to pay, when you only signed the guarantee that he would pay. Remember, the state cannot be hooked up to evidence in fact that they can charge anything. If the state were to be called to testify, there is no one by that name who has a social security number who can appear or answer except to remain silent. If you were to face your accuser (Lender) and ask him if what he has told the court is from his personal knowledge, yes or no? Either answer given admits the state has no part in the matter as it is between the person who volunteered to withhold the taxable income and you. Silence is an answer and it admits having no charge. So, the 1099 family of Federal Tax Forms comes into use to report casino proceeds, and it is that report that shows taxable income but does not identify whose it is until you file a 1040 and assess that income as your liability. Thus a follow-up of 1040-V or 1040-ES seems to assess the tax on the particular 1099 issue as the regular 1040 tax return at the end of the calendar year does too.
  1. So, getting back to the 1st issue of credit; that issue has been assumed and the accrued debit and credit have been separated and do not come together again until the tail end of the deal – thus the Retail! When Pharaoh ordered Israel to make bricks without straw, that’s when Industrial Egypt ordered them not to use the strawman outside of Wholesale. Wholesale represents the strawman (credit) used to make a finished product. When that was finished Israel had to cross the red sea on land and enter the wilderness for 40 years (the FHA mortgage 40 years). That wilderness is the spread between Wholesale and Retail. The land of Negotiations is somewhere between the Wholesale and Retail. So, it is the retail that is the widow’s mite that is equal to, or more than, the Wholesale; the same being accrued (joined together in the Ph acid to alkaline ratio). The widow’s mite (a small amount) in ratio to its LARGER amount of Wholesale. Thus the widow’s mite is Retail (the spread) and pre-paid finished product is Wholesale – accrual balance = O.
  2. So, here we see that the credit is in the Wholesale, a finished product. The charged tax revenue (a small claim) is in the Retail (the tail end of the deal, becomes the head as the Wholesale is pre-paid) and the retail is tax recovery (a small claim) charged to make bricks without straw. (The bricks meaning atoms fit together by magnetic charged tax) – your body and property growing in a great multitude. The spiritual unseen real person – the body in the shadow – the flesh; and the blood, the charge that gives life to the flesh. The two are one flesh. Did not the Roman Soldier pierce the body of Jesus on the cross and the water and blood went to the ground and left the flesh body Israel leaving Egypt (a finished industrial product) that was laid in a tomb (inventory in a warehouse) (a prisoner) until the body is claimed to be part of a living owners estate.

Were not the 3 wise men coming to the birth of our redeemer the 000 before entering the INN , the Commercial world, but was not Joseph’s dream to take the child into the Industrial Egypt because the King sought to execute him (all those less than 2 years old)? When he was 33 years old was when he said on the cross “It is Finished.” (Thus a finished Wholesale product).

  1. So, after credit is used to manufacture a finished product expressed in a mortgage – pre-pay! Are not the Retail agreements all small claims (widow’s mite) and charges that are not credit but self assessed taxes voluntarily withheld by an escrow agent and deny the redeemer 3 times before the cock crows twice? Thus the closing of escrow; twice meaning the two (debit and credit) parts coming together and the cock crows twice to acknowledge conception has occurred.
  2. I expect the 3 denials represent the 3 (000) each denial being township – county – state as the accruing Mill Levy tax assessment that ultimately admits to –0- the ghost account. The next three 000s are Capital Hill that derives from the first 3 (000s) to equal 1,000,000. accruing to = 1,000,000.000,000,1 the mirror image = 0. (Facing one another – or one facing his accuser?) When you ask for the amount of charges do not the accusers answer with silence?
  3. So, to be sure you are not duped by a bill that looks like the amount of the pre-paid mortgage (A LARGE AND CAPITAL AMOUNT), you take that as a new offering (snot of credit) but they assume it to be taxable income. They sometimes present the bill over and over again as each a new offer used to off-set your prior acceptance and return for settlement. So, each bill they send, is added to the last one, to result in a 1099 OID report, to tax the voluntary withholding, as the multiplying numbers are still the widow’s mite and much smaller than the credit used by the licensed brokers etc. (This is a SBA) claim that is tax revenue the agent will have to answer on a personal 1040 tax return once reported on 1099 OID and 1040. (The widow’s mite!).
  4. You mention; how do we get the upside down situation set upright. Maybe its not upside down but reversed (horizontal). Is not the bible written in-verse? Is that horizontal or vertical? Nevertheless, the remedy is Re venue (revenue). It is the revenue that is the widow’s mite is it not? Thus it is a new venue reverse of the old venue. (old law vs. new Law?) Thus the reason for the new math of decimals instead of fractions. Decimal math means metric and that is foreign, European, Eastern. Euros are US dollars in private accounts. The Union or state of the Union? Which Union is that? Is it not the state of emergency, and the Union is that of Operating Engineers i.e., Army Corps of Engineers who have exclusive bids for Municipal construction contracts? NATO being the Union in Europe. And, it is the army Corps of Engineers who are responsible for the technology to operate Electronic Funds Transfers? I don’t know if that info above will answer your question, but I thought I should get that in here while I had it in mind.
  5. The family of 1099s is for reporting proceeds from the gambling casino. The state is the regulator of casinos, and the entire state is run as a casino now-a-days. So, when the conditions of us obtaining proceeds or tokens for proceeds, or other property, that requires reporting the value thereof as personal income, the 1099 OID is for that purpose. And when a bill is sent and no check therewith, the agent has withheld taxable income and is reportable as Federal Withholding. It is the tax charging that taxable income that reverses the flow (Revenue) because it then become tax revenue and that is the small claim as it is all on the east side of a decimal. 27
  6. You refer to the 1098 telling us how much interest we have on the MBSs. But that is ours including principal and interest, not as a deduction, but as a reportable liability. That should go on line 21 and 64 of the 1040. You have a choice to take a deduction or report the liability. If you work out the worksheets in the 1040 Instruction Booklet you will see the assumption is strong to use the deduction but it is not a requirement, and the result is you will have the liability shown as your income and ultimately shows up as a tax refund. That’s how the upside down world is set upright again.
  7. When you receive a bill for product and there is no check will it, the sender is voluntarily withholding taxable income admitted in the bill to be circulating somewhere in or outside the Casino, so the 1099 OID is the report to retain the income withheld back to the source. When you report it you are taxing it back to the source, but it also takes a 1040 assessment to identify the reported taxable in come as yours. So the 1040-V and the money order to IRS are to identify the 1099 OID report as your tax recovery. So, the 1099 OID and 1040 tax return is the remedy to overturn the money changers.
  8. You will not be able to see your remedy by following the chain from the public side, because it is based upon unbelief, because; it does not recognize the unseen. The withholding is unseen but we can hypothecate the amount withheld by the bill accruing thereto. Thus by faith we see the reportable income and are thus able to report it.
  9. When you are describing Enron’s conduct of making forward sales you are speaking of future speculation on a promise to pay. That is a reportable gambling casino proceed 1099-OID reportable event. You are using the word revenue they are booking, but it is not a small claim as a matter of fact and is being treated as taxable income but is not yet taxed by someone reporting 1040 to assess it as personal income thus it is not revenue. The corporations and investigators will call it tax or taxable revenue but it is not revenue until it has a 1040 assessment and social security number to identify whom it belongs to. Otherwise it is deferred debt looking for a place to dwell.
  10. Your question about Freddie Mac and Deutsche Bank I think I would put them both on the 1099 OID each separately holding the offer, but they are joint and several, and each liable for the full amount. Or, at least get Freddie on it and Deutsche later if they make any offers.
  11. The IRS tax lady is saying a registered bill needs to be showing and the attempt at settlement. But she is really saying a registered business issued a bill and they dishonoured your acceptance and return for settlement. It is the dishonour that takes the matter into the international world of revenue. The new venue called revenue. Now you are eligible for tax recovery, a small claim. That’s 1099 OID and 1040 time.
  12. E 8/2/06 JR and another have finished a request to the federal Reserve Bank & Treasury at Minneapolis and Cleveland to seek information and suggestions to make orderly investments into Treasury items. The request is made because of the unusually large amount of a tax refund, to exceed 50 – 100 million dollars, that will need the capacity and safety of the US Treasury to handle that size of an investment.
  13. Some information obtained by inmates here, gotten by their family, indicate the large amounts are being processed and are larger than our own estimates. They also say they will ask us how we want to take and invest the refunds when they finish their investigation and processing. So, that means we need to be ready to tell them how, when, and where to put the funds when we get to that point.
  14. At this point I am wondering if we are able to take those refunds directly (being they are charged) or if we need to take payment in items like Travelers checks that an escrow agent would need to be charged with taxable income to pay out to us. Maybe the Treasury can do that pursuant to the money orders with 1040-V we have given them. But, anyway, we need to be thinking how we are going to do that. But I would expect it would be safe for everyone getting a refund is to ask that they be deposited with the Treasury and be given a Statement of Account and instructions to access and operate the account. Maybe a personal officer at your bank can do that for you. Now would be a good time to seek out the bank officer who can do that for you.
  15. There is a fellow here who has the state agency pursuing him for child support but they decline to provide a name of an accountable employee one can charge for the withholding. So, he is using the name of the Secretary of State, to charge, with the money order to IRS. That should soon put a stop to the agency sending nameless billings. The secretary, I am sure, certainly will not want to be bothered by an agency’s withholding taxable income that will need to be accounted for on his/her personal 1040 tax return.

Dear E:08/10/06

  1. You mentioned my 1099 OID filings where I had myself as recipient. That was some of the first ones, and I think now I wouldn’t do that, because; at the time I was thinking I had received the social security benefits, but that doesn’t mean I am a recipient of the funds. I received the product, which was pre-paid, but the funds are something different than the product. One can still be billed for product after you have received product, so that tells you the product and the funds used to purchase product are different transactions. So, as a result, I have decided to still list the SS benefits as original issue, but not Federal Withholding. That way the income in the product is still listed as mine (reported on 1040). But listing that way I don’t take it for a tax refund, because; I already have gotten paid.
  2. I am almost of the mind now to think I will be the payer on all the 1096/1099 OID filings, and using my SS# from which the funds issue that in itself says the funds came from the strawman. But when I sign the 1096, I will just sign without reservation as representative in upper and lower case. The surety I think.
  3. I think the solution is more simple than we tend to think, and maybe that will emerge as we pursue the 30 pieces of silver in the cemetery lots reserved in the name of the resident on the rolls of the Municipality. That oath showing up as 28 $30,000. bond of the chief judge will no doubt be a central object of the 1099 OID when we get to the actual filing. I wrote to BB about this, I hope you get to read it.
  4. I am also thinking that using the 1040-V or 1040-ES with the 1099-OID might replace the regular 1040 if we don’t wish to file for refund, but to request in the money order to IRS to charge the escrow agent to pay the bill for delivery of the accrual to us. The product seems to travel independent of the bill.
  5. You should take particular notice here, that; a bill is the money order the IRS form 1040-V is looking for. A Bill is a money order to you to pay them money, is it not? Thus the bill is sent with the 1040-V made payable to the United States Treasury etc. So, maybe one should staple or attach the bill to the money order when sending to IRS.
  6. The wholesale product seems to be pre-paid product from our credit assumed. And the resulting bill is a Retail offering for delivery expenses or simply profits/prophets to the creditor or whatever one wants to call them. They are making a contract offer for money in the bill. The bill is their money order to us, but they withheld the money to pay it. So, it seems the wholesale product being pre-paid, the bill resulting there from seems to be for retail only. So, we might be able to treat these accounts separate. The accrual might only apply to the retail excluding the pre-paid wholesale.
  7. When Israel left Egypt they left a finished wholesale product and entered the wilderness – the spread between wholesale and retail – thus the retail settlement was not closed, but the wholesale pre-paid!
  8. Dear Rockney, June 08, 2006 I got your letter today and I will try to connect the dots you asked about. But you might write to Art Taurence, 4708 Mayflower Way Oceanside, CA 92057 and ask him your particular questions. If you just ask for general information you will get too much that will tend to overshadow what you need to know. Get your questions as particular as you can.
  9. I would say for starters, to forget about the IBOE and IPN’s etc. These are items the franchise employees are trained to use as a trap to stop your efforts to close escrow on the items(s). Furthermore, my name has been associated with those items you mention that you say RL learned from me. But that is not so, because, RL assumed certain things come from me via others that got to circulating, whereas many assumed I taught these things when I did not. There were sting operators peddling information in my name for a number of years, relying on people like RL who were freely assuming their own conclusions were mine when they were not!
  10. The reason everything is pre-paid is because; the whole country is regulated under a credit policy (a Federal Project) as a result of HJR-192. Thus, a mortgage is foreclosed when they give you a bill for payment. When they send you a bill and no check therewith to enable you to pay it with, they thereby voluntarily withhold from you the taxable income you report on 1099 OID and 1040 assessing that as your personal income. The mortgage is pre-paid by virtue of your name and credit therefrom being assumed (identity theft) and thereby used to provide funds for investment to produce the product they then bill you for. Since they used your credit, to produce the product they bill you for, that credit pre-pays the resulting product as a matter of fact. But in their assuming the use of your credit, there is no paper trail or electronic record as they simply write their checks against the account # of your name (they take prisoners), but until someone gets delinquent on payments no one is aware of them using your credit, unless someone else tries to do the same thing and finds your account already pledged for another debt.
  11. That explanation might be a bit oversimplified to make the point, but nevertheless its basically correct. The actual reality is, that; the real scoundrels use “agents provocateur” to accuse the victim selected and “assume” via probable cause of trumped-up charges, the amounts they with to appear with your name on the commercial item – bond or whatever they choose to call it, and they go merrily on their way. But let’s not try to get every conceivable instance described here, or there are always exceptions.
  12. Let’s stay with mortgages and this can include the bank certificate of deposit. But in a mortgage foreclosure the word foreclosure tells much of the story. The word fore means prior and the word prior means priority in this sense. The second part of that word is closure and that means just what it says; closure (closing escrow) where you have a court issuing a foreclosure Order, you might move to ask for the sanctions against the bank for being in contempt for being in violation of the foreclosure Order to make settlement with the real owner. That could mean a request given to the escrow agent to file federal tax form 1096/1099 OID on the withholding (amount accrued in mortgage) for return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange …Treasury Direct # (your SS#). The court/bank should also be told in writing that the account is pre-paid by virtue of the credit used as their investment capital to produce the product they billed for. Then it is the bill that admits how much is withheld (Federal Withholding) when they did not include their check therewith. It is the absence of the funds (the ghost account) that is reportable on Federal Tax for 1099 OID on that particular issue for return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS#). Then subsequently file the 1040 return to assess the amount tax back to the source with the 1099 OID as your personal income.
  13. Remember, it is the bill that tells you how much is withheld and in Federal Withholding. Failure to provide a check therewith is a dishonor in itself. So, to answer the bill collector, one informs him the bill is pre-paid, and that amount is withheld by the collector’s failure to provide the check to pay it with, – thus, the settlement, in; to file to file Federal Tax Form 1099 OID on the issue for return to the sources for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS #), and for the collector to provide his federal I.D. # and/or File the said 1099 OID for the settlement. If they fail to do that then you will need to do it yourself, and list that agent collector as Recipient on the Tax Form.


  1. The Withholding is the Tax delinquent national currency, (a tax deferral) that must be held in reserve by the business organization that issued the pre-paid bill, when given notice by the consumer the account is pre-paid. Those funds Withheld are taxable income belonging to the name and SS# from which the credit use was 1st assumed and is eligible for the Federal Tax 1090 OID to tax the same back to the source or said before for settlement.
  2. So, it is the Withholding that contains the remedy for the bills. This must be established before any bid bond goes to Puerto Rico. This is where the change of venue occurs and that means to go into re-venue for tax recovery, a small claim – thus revenue.
  3. Dear Rockney, 06/10/06 First of all I think the Withholding applies to all bills. But, for now I think it would be a good idea to forget about using words like ‘tender’ and ‘presentment’ and other colorful words one has gotten into the habit of using to describe conditions one has perceived to be for out benefit when it means just the opposite. Also, those words used in UCC references is still describing conditions of the tax delinquent national currency thereby admitting to being in the wrong venue. (funding terrorism as you say!)
  4. Your inability to understand the pre-payment seems to be because; you are trying to follow the trail to places our Redeemer said we could not come. Also, the idea of exemption applies to those who give set-off by deferral – leaving the debt instrument held by someone willing to hold it. But it is still there somewhere (in Withholding).
  5. When our ability to pay was removed, then subsequent legislation provided remedy in bankruptcy et. al, methods to make one WHOLE. But that concept too is flawed by foreclosure, because; whole numbers are not a small claim, because, one must go from whole numbers to negative numbers or from venue to revenue and to the small claim for tax recovery. You cannot use whole numbers to make a small claim as the matter is tax recovery. (in accrual)
  6. The derivative used to assume the use of your credit is such that there is little, if no evidence of a paper or electronic trail from your account going into the account of the current user. It is otherwise known as the “ghost account”. This is the “identity theft”, whereby; the credit uses your SS# taken from municipal tax rolls as a resident thereof. Residents are taxpayers and property owners. Some own rental contracts. These are funded by the purchase of mutual funds through the sponsor, who is the county attorney in the county where the municipality is located. It is your BLOCKED credit used to purchase the mutual fund (which creates the IMF pool). Your Credit is assumed by probable cause, charged in some issue, used to accuse you, the victim and that charge is attached to your SS# HELD as collateral for the credit used – thus pre-payment of the product thereof. These funds are not traceable until a bill is used that tells HOW MUCH is held or Withheld in Federal Withholding when no check accompanies the bill to pay the claim/bill. It is the Withholding that is reportable to carry that delinquent tax back to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS#).
  7. Your attempt to label taxes as interest etc., to follow a line of reasoning will take you into a blank wall. That reasoning might use an exemption to explain it, but; for the exemption to become a fact, there must be a tax return to the source to enable the State to measure or weigh that fact, to identify an exemption in fact. Otherwise it is the assumption of probable cause that is in evidence and the state’s finding of fact is – the bill – subject to Federal Standard and a Federal tax return. Now you should be able to see how and why to take the True Bill (assumed) as Federal Withholding and put on Federal tax form 1099OID on that issue for return to the source for settlement and closing in exchange Treasury Direct # (your SS#). Is not a True Bill eligible for the Tax returns? Is the True Bill measured in the amount accrued in the appearance bond set on the victim with the SS#. (the bill must be retail – wholesale is less).
  8. So one can see in the reasoning mentioned above that time and interest are summed up in the sight of an eye witness taking federal tax returns and time is almost meaningless because; eye sight depends on light to be seen, and the account travels at the speed of light, thus 25 years are served thereby in an instant traveling at the speed of light on radio beams in electronic transfer. (Does not the redeemer promise to disregard the debts when confessed and take the 1st born into the fold again?). The same being pre-paid?
  9. Your speaking of the acceptance is really accepting the bill as the Federal Withholding Taxed back to the source via 1099 OID and assessed as your personal income on 1040. This all happens as a matter of fact when you act upon it.
  10. I don’t think it matters if you ask for a check when you get a bill, you are only telling the sender you did not get a check with the bill to acknowledge the evidence of that absence is in Withholding, voluntarily Withheld.
  11. So with all that in mind we should examine foreclosure. Foreclosure is reference to a prior condition of closing escrow. Fore means prior and prior in priority. So here we are looking at the past as a prior event of closing the escrow based upon the fulfillment of the promise. The promise being a future event. So, with wholesale representing a finished product the next stop is to market the product at retail (tail end of the process) thus, the bill for the product given to the consumer and charging him with consumption. The tail end becomes the head. But the interesting thing is that the foreclosure is a PRIOR event in which a tax return is needed in evidence as the voucher to prove ownership / Title to the item or body (in prison) in question. The 1040 assessment is assessing the (self assessment) taxable income returned to source on 1099 OID as your personal income and the energy charged in the product your are billed for. So the 1040 return is the Certificate of Title to all of your property as a matter of fact in that administrative court of record. (the 1040)
  12. The other matters of financing you mention in your letter are all grounded in the tax delinquent venue. They all are open escrows and abandoned property. The funds you refer to are delinquent taxes (contraband). Those people you mention have stolen your credit, have done no such thing! You have failed to show you have a claim on those items. Where is your tax return on the voucher??? Is your personal income assessed on the 1040 actually in the product you are seeking possession of?

30 That’s what actually proves the fact of ownership / Title. Where did you get a license to ISSUE credit? What is that license as credit is a Federal Project Supervised by the Superintendent of the Federal Project (credit policy) and regulated in the local municipality by the County and State. Are not both the Federal and State I.D. #’s on closing escrows? Does not a person who receives a Federal I.D. # also disclose an address in a County and State regulated residence? So is that not the information that appears on accounts closed on the items reported as products of personal income? With Federal I.D. #’s?

  1. Say a person is getting charged, are any of the commercial law techniques as of old and as of late relevant anymore with your tax technology?

Answer:. The charge is a bill reportable as Withholding as said above.

  1. Do they file the 1099-A because the principal does not accept the presentment via UCC 3-410 as described in J.K.’s treatise and goes into dishonor and contempt? On criminal matters.

Answer:. The 1099 filing is not 1099-A, but 1099 OID

  1. Would the IRS tax forms work with the IRS if they send a bill without the check?

Answer: Yes – the IRS agent must have name (that’s the recipient)

  1. Both the 1099 and 1040 seems to based on common sense, is there anything special in the way it needs to be filled out?

Answer: Check the correction box at the top to disconnect any prior assumptions; and put your SS# in the bottom box marked “account number” to prevent this account from interception and/or diversion into hands of the confederate as a tax deferral. If that happened it would thereby be left as debt in the public pool.

  1. If a contract is signed on a house or car, does the same principals apply? I mean they are not sending you a bill, but you have created debt in which they are not releasing the property?

Answer: They are giving you the debt/bill in Withholding. Instruct the escrow agent to file Federal Tax Form 1099OID as the account is pre-paid etc.

  1. Is it necessary to exhaust your administrative remedies any longer when all you need to do is bring settlement and closure with this technology?

Answer: The acceptance of the bill and request for delivery of product is exhausting your administrative / state remedy by their dishonor. Next is: the Federal Tax Forms 1099 OID for settlement

  1. In the two years of reading your transcripts from B.B. and now this tax technology, I don’t every recall you citing one court case. Is it because procedure is really the bottom line here?

Asnwer: Yes.

  1. Is doing a notary protest on a dishonored payment still needed enlight of your tax tech?

Answer: Notary Protest is a tax Protest and invites charges from the IRS if you don’t get them from a State organization!

  1. You should have enough basic information herein to figure out all your particular issues and options with those.
  2. When you file a 1040 there is nothing I know of that says we must declare tax deductions to reduce taxable income! So I don’t bother to list them. But then too, with accrual accounting, the deductions are still added to increase the income figures; but should show this particular accounting on an attachment to the 1040.
  3. I would suggest you not use the closed account checks as those too are subject to what your tax returns show in fact. Read the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac article to see they don’t know what they are doing with their own accounting. They even believe they don’t take prisoners, but we know they do. They don’t know how to account the credit derivatives they use in identity theft of our names.
  4. Dear Rockney, 06/26/06 / CARD

I have your letter of June 20 but too much to do just now to be able to answer in detail. I have a letter to Art with some details in answer to the internet web site “1040 checkmate” that I asked him to share with you. That should help you to give prisoners something they can use to help themselves. Things are looking up as my staff infection is almost healed. I do have toothpaste with hydrogen peroxide that helps. And too the Ohio governor signed a bill making a year sentences to be 8 months and 13 days. When they bring that into effect I am eligle for release immediately. Then too, the filing of the Tax Forms should cause release shortly too. So, the momentum is swinging to our benefit. I could use more of the 1099OID forms. Also 1096 to go with them and stamped envelopes I am starting to run low again . One reason to using past cards. I will try to get your letter answered in detail as soon as I get caught up with my family correspondence. (The spread between retail and wholesale is the wilderness).

  1. Dear Rockney, June 28, 2006 CARD

This is to acknowledge your last letter. It helps me to know if you are comprehending what I wrote. I don’t have any new news, except to say; that since I have brought my tax returns current, Wells Fargo Bank contacted me about a deposit they took from me in 1996 and it looks like I am going to get a settlement as they now recognize my claim in tax recovery. But for now, I think you will have plenty of information to examine that Art can give you. The income tax in Withholding is easy enough to comprehend but I don’t think anyone will ever comprehend it unless they ask their questions believing. Those who look at the situation to find fault will never be able to see what it is because the energy charging the inquiry is charged with a reverse polarity and doesn’t allow the brain to connect the charges needed to answer this question. That’s about as simple as it is. Larry Becraft and his tax protesters will never get the relief they seek. It will always be just around the corner. Income tax is voluntary.

  1. Dear Rockney, July 07, 06 CARD 31

I got your letter and money order without any hang-ups. Thank you. No particular reason to write except to acknowledge your correspondence coming through with no difficulty. No need for me to comment any further for the need to be current on filing income tax returns until you get through my comments and have any particular questions. I have just filed a couple three 1099’s and amended my 1040 via 1040X. These were some state organization trying to shake themselves off of the 1st tax report by making me a new offer they hope to use as an offset, but they just got it added to the overall amount as if accrues to my account. So the tax obligation on withholding continues to grow when they keep giving me Bills to add to the withholding. I think after this last tax returns filed they are starting to get the message. We will soon see. Until then I will look forward to your comments when you have had a chance to examine the stuff I gave you in my last letter. Thank you for being so prompt with the copies enclosed. – Good Hunting….Roger

  1. Dear Rockney, 07/21/06 CARD

I got your 2nd package of forms…but after what we have worked on the last couple days, it looks like we will be only using 2006 dated forms. The older ones you sent are usable for working copies. Winston introduced the use of 1040-ES, but I think we will be using 1040-V instead and that will enable one to use that along with 2006 1099-OID and let them accumulate until year-end when they go on the regular 1040. That will enable us to file the 1099-OID on each bill we get and acknowledge the same to IRS as personal income right way. No need to wait for IRS to make that determination at the end of the year. We finished a deal today that we will be able to see how they work. The 1040-V is supposed to speed up IRS processing. Anyway, we need 2006 forms of 1099-OID and 1099-B. We have a few 1099-B’s, but they go fast when we use all 2006 forms now. We need the 2006 1040-V’s and 1040-ES too. I will try getting some details written to Art/Sally, Ethel, or Winston. You will hear from them. R.E.

  1. Dear Rockney 07-26-06

Today we are working out acceptances of an auto offering and a Real Estate offer. Both of these are getting 1099-OID filed and a subsequent money order with 1040-V going to IRS to charge the escrow agent. The 1099-OID is mailed on the day the offer is accepted and the money order is written right on the face of the offering along with the signed acceptance therewith, announcing the 1040-V is sent with the money order to IRS ordering them to Pay……?????? Pay to the US Treasury and charge the same to the escrow agent (his name) etc., etc. That way the money order reaches the IRS at Kansas City, MO the same time or later than the 1099-OID going to Cincinnati. We need to do this because the escrow agent needs to be charged by the IRS to pay out the escrow. They don’t have anything to pay with until the IRS charges them to pay. They will probably get a check from the Treasury itself to charge the escrow.

  1. So, the contract is the Realtor’s letter asking for a bid after he has received an acceptance of the advertised offering, that goes on to say: This is the contract to bind the parties (meaning this letter). So, on an acceptance of that is signed in the upper left corner of the letter and on the bottom, somewhere where there is room to write: Money Order (IRS form 1040) # 0001, date ??, Pay……00000 these small dollars. Pay to the United States Treasury and charge the same to John Doe escrow agent at his address.

Memo: Acct # (your SS#) By: ___yours truly___

M.O. # IRS Route SS#

0001 062736011 123456789

So, you see the information that goes on the Realtors contract because all signatures are on there and the original of that is mailed to IRS with the 1040-V as the Money Order itself worked like you see above.

The money orders I did myself I will give example below.


Internal Revenue Service

Kansas City, MO 64999-0102

Please find my money order herewith 1040-V

Roger Doe Money Order # 0001

P.O. Box 59 Void Where Prohibited by Law

Somewhere, OH 00000




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